RTT trailer because I'm short


I bought an RTT for are Colorado/Moab trip and I hated it, it wasn't a Rooftop tent it was a rooftop sail.. The jeep struggled in a headwind and gas mileage was noticeably lower. I'm also short and it was a pain climbing around on the jeep trying to get the cover on and off... Yes it's easy to flip out, but hard to get the cover on. So I'm building a low trailer to make it easy to unstrap and tucked in behind the xj... 37611830_2152331388142868_3310552614139068416_o.jpg




We do the same thing. Mileage is about a wash though IMO. I do have a new axle on the trailer and have lightened it quite a bit so haven't made a pull since that happened.

Nice setup. Keep us in the loop with your progress.

We have a 3.5" lifted JKU and it is a PITA to get everything set up when the jeep is open. I have steel fenders so just stand on top of them and the rock rails.


The trailer is just a boat trailer I bought local cheap and cut down the tongue on, and then 2in angle box. I'm tossing around the idea of using wood on the side like this..



Ok. Who else after reading the title of the post thought of Oompah Loompahs opening a roof top tent? Be honest. The short thing has nothing to do with it being a sail and cutting mileage down.

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You gave up on the wood-sided idea.....was hoping to see that happen (I've got that same picture pinned, always liked that look).

BTW, I'm of average height (aka short to most folks)....(y)


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I wanted it to be waterproof and was worried about getting the unregular shape of the wood sealed properly Aluminum is easy. I really did want to use the wood though.... It's done for now and loaded for Rocktoberfest this weekend.. Woot woot..
turned out so nice. throw some shiplap on that aluminum. Its ALL the rage in remodels these days