RTT Trailer Lift System


I've seen and read lots of great threads here about guys that have fabed up different lift systems for their trailers to get a standard RTT up high enough when camped to make an annex useful and still have it lowered down for traveling.

Does anyone market and sell one? I do not have the fab skills necessary to make one myself.


Very same question I have.

I have considered various ideas, but built nothing myself yet. I have never seen any "commercial" devices. I would need only 12" to 18" of height to make it useful.

Most people seem to be happy just building a fixed rack that puts their RTT up very high. but I would like to have the RTT low as possible (Center of gravity) when moving. just makes sense to me.

my ideas so far lean toward the use of a couple of gas struts with a pivoted/rotating frame? I have seen an RTT Trailer built by COP 4x4 that uses struts to lift their RTT straight up. but it is part of their trailer build and it lifts the RTT from 12" over the trailer up to 24" or so.

but it did give me some ideas. I am hoping to have time to play around with some ideas this summer. But I want it to be a very K.I.S.S. design.

I would guess that one of the many GREAT trailer builders on this forum could put their skills toward this. And they could probably sell 100s of them in a few days, if the design was right. and the price was reasonable.



I hear you. My current Thule bars sit 60" off the ground. I'm only 5'11", so I don't need much of a lift either. Two feet would be plenty. Local fab shop here in SoCal built a beautiful system for a guy a couple of years ago. He built the lid for my trailer and done some other misc welding on my rear bumper. I've got an email into him about it and will post up when I hear from him.

Like I said, some pretty slick set ups here, but no skills here to do one myself.


My trailer needs 24-27" of lift. What I have works, but it is harder then hell to find either gas springs, or actuators to get it that high reasonably. To the point that a pair of $500 actuators sound reasonable.