Rumpl blankets


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I must say, one of my new favorite pieces of kit is my new Rumpl blanket, designed for hard outdoor use. Similar to high end sleeping bag materials, these things are SWEET! This thing has become my best pal. The throw size is perfect for the recliner, soccer game, back of the jeep, late outdoor concert, a hammock, whatever. I got a Queen size for use in my Roof top tent. No more being squeezed into a sleeping bag!

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I got one of these, Rumpl The Puffy Blanket - Queen, for use in my RTT as well and so far have been pleased with it. While the tent does keep everything dry, it's nice knowing that the blanket is covered with a durable water repellent finish.
I'm in love with my Woobie and Doobie from Kifaru. Simply amazing draping properties. I'm in love with anythng Kifaru. Zero degree bag is also amongst my favorites.


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How small does this blanket stuff into? I'm looking for a travel blanket that packs up really small.
The "Throw" size is about the size of a loaf of bread. Were using ours at the fall soccer and football games now. Last week we used it in the rain for about 45 minutes!