RV Short Queen self inflating sleeping mats.


I know this seems like, and it definately is an odd question, but I am wondering if such a thing exists. You see I am building a sleeper in a pickup cap, but want to use the top side of the "bed" shelf for some storage while in transit, for things like a tote of clothes, the privy tent etc... And since I have an F150 with a 6.5 foot bed, that will allow me up to an RV short queen size mattress.

My requirements are going to be a bit odd though. I have back problems and neither my wife, nor I are lightweights, so we need a good cushy, heavy duty mattress...

I was thinking about just going with a cut to length 4" queen size memory foam mattress topper on top of my old Therm A Rest Camp Rests, but was hoping for a more elegant solution...

Does anyone make say a 6" RV Short Queen, basically a Therm A Rest?


That looks awesome, but about 20" too narrow for my application...
Size you need is ????
Another big selling point for the Exped is the variety of sizing. All told, there are five unique layouts for these pads in various lengths and widths. Single pads can be purchased in regular, long, or long wide, while the Duo pad comes in regular or long wide plus. This makes it easy to match your vehicle or personal size with dimensions ranging from 25.6 x 72 inches up to 52 x 77.6 inches, ensuring an ideal fit for just about any need.