(Sale pending) 2005 F-250 Super Duty 4x4 diesel, 77k miles, long bed, Carli Backcountry Fox suspension (Seattle WA)


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Location: Snohomish, Washington (near Seattle)

Price: $19,500

Description: It's a low mileage (77k miles), super clean (see pic), long-bed (8') truck with a fancy suspension and zero issues.


I've maintained this truck like I was never going to sell it, but hey, here we are and it's up for grabs.

Less than 2,000 miles ago I put $11k into it in the name of keeping a perfect truck perfect --> for $7k at my diesel mechanic I had a new FICM, all new Motorcraft injectors, and Motorcraft oil cooler professionally installed... so after that hit I decided it deserved a suspension upgrade and, for $4k, I put in Carli's Backcountry system with Fox external-reservoir shocks, Carli coils to level the front, and their add-a-pack leaf kit for the back so original payload and towing capacities remain intact.

It's an XLT trim truck with cloth seats, the towing and FX4 packages (factory locker), up-fitter switches, a spray in bed-liner in the 8' bed, a B&W turnover-ball gooseneck hitch, LEDs everywhere including the headlights, mirrors from the newer generation trucks, a Sony bluetooth stereo with Kenwood speakers, and Sinister Diesel's EGR-delete kit.

As a 2005, there's no DEF system to worry about, it came from Ford with upgraded head-studs (6.0 liter diesels pre-2005 needed upgraded head-studs, this one did not), and it has coils in the front --not leaf springs-- so it actually is fun to cover rough ground in... super fun now that it has the Carli setup.

This has been a truck to help us build our house with, but for its next life it'd be the perfect platform for you to throw a camper in and go hammer some dirt roads. I doubt I've even warmed up the fancy Fox shocks. Put them to work and you'll love them. It has KO2 tires that're ~34" diameter and are worn enough you wouldn't feel bad about replacing them with 35's. I didn't upgrade the tires after the 2.5" Carli lift, but that's certainly an option for you.

It has a clean title, hasn't been in any accidents, and I own it outright.
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