Samsung galaxy lite 7" 8gb


... Is the 8gb enough? ...
I'm not familiar with that tablet, I use a Samsung 10.5 S. However, I would not want to be limited to 8gb of storage for downloaded maps. If your geographic scope is limited or you don't mind downloading maps for every trip, then it might work. If you wander over broad regions, out of WIFI reach, and don't know exactly where you'll end up, then you'll want more storage for maps that might come in handy. The Amazon description does not mention that it will support large micro SD cards. If it does not you can't add memory. If you can't add memory I'd look elsewhere. I have over 80 gb of downloaded maps & aerial imagery and am adding to that every week.

Howard Snell


Thank you gents for the education. I have a Zenpad Z10 and just ordered the RAM mounting kit from Amazon. I'm hoping to transition away from a laptop to a tablet due to the space constraints. Frankly, I love my laptop but it tends to encroach into the passengers space a tad in the 80 series, which isn't spacious to begin with.