Sand ladders for a 15 ton overland truck???


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Re grizzlyj’s assertion of 4’ long footprint of 395s:
According to Michelin data and personal experience wth 395s they have a footprint length of about 12” at road pressure. If you get low enough you might get close to 2’ if near flat (bead locks required) but no way 4 feet!!!! 14.00s are about 7% taller, very slightly narrower, about 3.5% greater footprint.
Thats why I edited it :) I'll have to find the photos I took at various stages of deflation, but I'm sure they ended up longer than 2'! Maybe anyway :)


I have been searching unsuccessfully for years for suitable bridging ladders that are practical, packable and affordable. You'd think that with all the fabricators in the off-roading market these days, someone would see the opportunity. I've never needed traction mats, but I have many times had to terminate routes or improvise some precarious solution to washouts and severe ruts, where bridging ladders would have been a simpler solution. Fabricators just don't seem interested, perhaps due to the extensive testing bridging ladders would have to pass.
Its all about liability, even if it doesn't fail but slips into whatever they are bridging lawsuits will happen