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What has happened? I'm used to buying Chaco flip flops at $50-$60. I have worn out my last pair after 5 years. I started shopping for another pair......and they have gotten a little out of hand $-wise. What are some other brands that LAST. Keep in mind I wear sandals quite a bit, they are safe to use working on the truck, grilling in the back yard, fishing, mining (kidding), etc.....

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Christophe Noel

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Chacos are still amongst the most durable, despite slightly less rugged materials now that they're made by Merrell. None of my dozen Olukais have been nearly as durable, but they are nice.


Keen Waimeas. You won't get 5 years of daily use, but the toe bumper is oh so nice. Mine last 2-3years, but I weigh 235#.


Yet another Rainbow fan here. I wear mine until the snow reaches the top of the sole. They are my daily go-to footwear. I wash the car in them, bbq, work on ATV's and have even been known to hike in them with a loaded pack. On another note, I bought a pair of Chaco sandals last year because I heard so many great comments about them. They are nowhere near as comfortable as my Rainbows and for some reason they make my feet sweat. So I really only wear them if I'm doing something water based like kayaking.

I also purchase Rainbows direct at the store in San Clemente, but you can get them in many places or order online. Sizing is somewhat tricky because I always think they are too small when I get them. However, in a short amount of time they stretch out a bit and mold to your feet.


Another vote for Rainbow sandals.
and another. I've worn mine on 4 continents, unbelievable amount of miles walked. I need to buy another pair soon, bottoms are slick now. They actually look pretty similar to the pair on the RB home page. My current pair were bought at the store in San Clemente.


I wear my chacos all the time, and throw them in the dishwasher ( with the dog collars) every couple of weeks.

Colonal Angus

Another for Rainbows. Without question or hesitation. Daily footwear and they last for years. By far the most comfortable and classic.


Enough said!!! Rainbows
Yup, that is what I use too. They have a bit of a break in period, so I wouldn't put them on and go on an extended hike.


A friend of mine who wears flip flops 100% of the time (no seriously, all year round in Seattle) and has worn though all the different brands in a time frame that I cannot comprehend, swears by the Cobain flip flops:

He says they are the only ones that last for him and if he is able to wear them out, they will replace them for him as they have a lifetime warranty.