Second Tire Storage Question

I have a Tacoma Access Cab and am purchasing a FWC Fleet. I'm thinking of replacing the original bed with a flatbed. Do I have the option of leaving the spare tire in it's original location or do I have to move it to a rear bumper swing out arm? Is it possible to have two spares: under the bed and in the swing arm? I'm looking for Tacoma owners who have experience with this.

Appreciate any and all replies.

I'm sure that you can leave the spare under the bed and add a second one to a swing out if you like. I have a Four Wheel Eagle on my Tacoma and had mine on the swing out but opted to put it back under. I have 2 fuel cans and an Aluminess box on my swing arm. 2 spares equate to a lot of extra weight that you can't afford on a Tacoma. Ron