Selling guns now that Backpage is gone.


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I was going to sell a few guns the old way to build a new desert car but Backpage is gone. You could always go there and see what similar guns were being sold for and list them. What's the best way to find market value and sell a few guns now?
Armslist and Gun Broker are some sites I look at. Try to find several examples and take an average. Some people think their rusted junk is actually gold plated.


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Back page????..... kinda like having cohen as your lawyer, for "real estate"... lol.

I've scored some nice local deals on Armslist. everyone on GB is hoping the perfect impulse buyer purchases their overpriced ****. example: GB wants a buck fiddy for 30-06 HPX. I got 1500 rounds local for 48c a round two weeks ago on armslist. not much there, if youre not in a city, though.
yea Armslist is good. I wish it was as popular as CL. my area doesn't see much traffic. but I was able to sell uberti colt1873 repop. that no pawn shop or gun shop wanted to give me anything for. so that's good