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Christophe Noel

Expedition Leader
It is truly inspiring to see how many great travel stories appear within the Expedition Portal forums. If you have a story you would like to not just share in an open thread, but also as a featured article on our home page, please shoot me an email. If your story is compelling, it might even be worthy of placement in Overland Journal.

Send inquiries to: christophe at overlandinternational dot com
Hi Chris,

My wife and I completed a trip from UK to Thailand in 2014 and on the trip we has some great help from Michelin Tyres.

Firstly after traveling through West and Eastern Europe we arrived on the outskirts of Moscow and found we was in need of 2 new tyres (english spelling) I contacted Michelin UK who found me a distributor close to Moscow and when we arrived Michelin had already sent the replacement tyres, a little later they contacted me by email asking me to send them our vehicle weight and by return sent the suggested tyre pressures for our vehicle, a few months later on arrival in Thailand I contacted them again requesting there help to find a distributer in Thailand, not only did they find a supplier but the supplier said that Michelin has given me 70% discount ( a real discount not just talk/bull****) on 5 new tyres.
What a great company.

Dave and Lesley Goodchild
Rob and I just finished a video highlighting our family trip from Chicago to Moab. Family friendly trails and off roading. Let us know what you think.
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