Shifting problems, what could it be?


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My 3rd gen limited has been really good to me, but last week I decided to take my son out for a little dirt fun. Long story short, when we arrived I put the trans in "N" then went from 2H to 4H and back into "D". Usually that activates my 4wd, then I will move it into 4HLC doing the "N" thing again. This time I had no luck. The orange center pumpkin kept flashing on the dash. Fooling around with it for 30 minutes, we decided to just call it and head home.

So we flashed all the way home even though we were back in "2H". Now my gear selector is very stiff. I can't start my truck while in park, I must shift to "N" to fire it up. Going into "R" takes awhile to find, then it jerks when the gears line up.

I've had this problem before but it just went away after driving it for a few hundred miles. Also tranny fluid is clean and topped off. My buddy told me there is no linkage or cable but all electronic so now I'm really confused. Daily driving and automatic shifting seems fine, just the stiffness and the neutral safety switch?

Thanks in advance!