Shiftpod tent

At 6 feet long and 60 pounds in weight when stowed away, I don't think those glampers they are marketing to will have the vehicle to carry this beast. I've never seen someone bring an oriental rug camping like they've shown in their video either :)
My wife would if she saw it. As it stands now we take a large outdoor rug for under the easyup...
Check out Pelsue ground tents. I used to carry one as a telephone cable repairman. They're tough as nails, and stand up well to high winds. No floor, but has wide snow/sand flaps around the perimeter. Same basic design as the one in this post , but cheaper and lighter.
The patch kit for $19 is a JOKE!
That is a bike patch kit that can be had for about $3 bucks at any bike shop.

So with that being said...if they are willing to charge 6x for a patch kit, I would guess that the tent should be about $150
These companies redesign a familiar camping product, put "Pod" in the name, and sell them as some sort of game-changer. There was a link going around Facebook last year of an "Ecopod" that was basically an egg shaped camper trailer, but without the trailer part.


I was in one of these during a 3 hour rain and it leaked like crazy. Every attachment point where the internal poles mounted through the fabric at the walls leaked as well as a few taped seams. It’s also a hot box during sunny days. It’s an awful tent.