Shipping a KLR across country

Living in Misissippi has it advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages- Disadvantages
My wife is here- Very limited adventure rides
My grand kids are here- Limited camping opportunities
My good paying job is here- Limited off road opportunities
Wife likes my good paying job here- A really, really long way from the Idaho BDR

Taking 2-3 days each way towing my KLR takes nearly a week out of my vacation.
Then you take 7-9 days on the IDBDR and that leaves little time for my 60yo body to recuperate
before returning to work.

So, looking for ideas to get my bike to Idaho in advance of me flying there. I have family near Boise
so shipping it there would not be too much of an ordeal. Wonder what a strapped down KLR on a pallet would cost to ship?
Any other ideas?


To Infinity and Beyond!
There are plenty of bike only shippers who transport bikes enclosed all over the country. Just like shipping a car/truck. Your biggest issue will the your destination IDAHO! Not a lot of any transporters doing the Mississippi to Idaho run. Plan ahead as it will take longer to accomplish this transport. My "Guess" would be $350-$400.

Call "Joan" at Eclipse Trucking for a quote 800 207 3012
Called Joan at eclipse, HOLY MOLY $900 one way,
That’s 4 round trip airfares from New Orleans to Boise
There has to be a better way


To Infinity and Beyond!
You did tell her it was a BIKE you wanted transported and not a vehicle?

Get online and try some of the bike transporters.

Your big problem is Southeast to Northwest. Very few run that route!
I did tell her it was a bike. She even explained how they strap it to a pallet and then lift gate it into a truck.
I have feeling your right about the MS to ID issue being a stumbling block.

I have large heavy pallets shipped to me at the VA everyday and I know we don’t pay near that. I know it’s a commercial account but........

I may talk to one of those shippers about an enclosed pallet cost.
Well AA was better at $665 door to door. I know it will cost and everybody deserves to make a buck. I just live in the wrong dang place. Being raised in the northwest and living my adult life in the southeast causes some heartburn knowing what my adventure rides could be like.

It looks like later this year or next spring I’ll be towing my bike cross country to start the real riding.
Was planning on the wife meeting me at certain spots on the BDR anyway. So this way we don’t have to rent a vehicle when we get there.

Thanks for the advice and research.
I've used Uship many times and never had a problem. I've shipped my bike to meet friends etc. Bought bikes and had them shipped. Very reasonable.