Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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bringing the thread back!

Freaking good looking shot, but could you re-shoot that w/ the LightForces on so I can see how they look? Thanks. NOTE: Even as cool as it looks the cold just bums me out.....I am so glad to not be in snow.......O thank you Lord for keeping me warm.:wings:

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Our 1991 Hilux Surf/4Runner on our trip last year.
Car is dead now. Engine ate itself. Looking at building an 87 4Runner that is available to me for free.


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haha, that's the Quobba Coast in North West Australia

The number 1 fishing and surfing spot in the country that few people make it to...and it's on the south tip of the Ningaloo Reef, one of the greatest and msot beautiful coral reefs on the planet :wings:

We make the trip every year :D


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My '94 Surf 3ltr. turbo diesel, 102,000kms when purchased.
Future mods will be, 2" lift, roof rack, and bed with storage underneath.
Nothing really planned beyond that.



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^^Very nice, I'd love me some of that.

No way gotta do SAS with 37"s! :wings: jk

I have been that route, except SAS for obvious reasons, with a '98 TJ and it gets WAY to costly...
This way I don't have to mess with drive shaft angles and axle rotation, etc.
2" is just right after that it's driving skill:smiley_drive:
Having said that, you get the bug and want to go bigger, but I've learned the lesson and have to keep it as a DD.


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Sweet!!! Are those factory wheels?

The wheels were on it when purchased as for stock I'm not too sure what might have been. These are normally modified in some sort of way while in Japan, so usually when you get one here it has a modification of some kind, on this one it was aftermarket wheels and larger tires, stock only has 29" tires and these are 265/75R16 or 31". Junky ching-chongs but they seem to be a good tire.
I like the wheels myself, gives it kind of a rally look.:rally_guys:


those definitely look like a rally or high speed wheel, like for Dakar. they're designed to fan air over the brakes for cooling purposes. I agree that you wouldn't think it would be a wheel for a Surf, but daaaamn, they look good!