Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

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While I feel you on the shake that the ARB has while traveling down the road, flimsy is the last word I would use to describe it. I have hit two mule deer and an elk with mine and only had to replace the plastic bumpers on the front. They are stout as hell.

Yes stock suspension definitely handling the bumper,
But what a flimsy bumper, it shakes like magnitude 10 earthquake,
ARB messed up on this bumper.

I’ll be putting one size larger tires and that will look better and perform better.

Desert is blooming,
You can drive 20 miles and it’s all flowers left and right

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Our rig is a 2002 tacoma DC sr5 with 200,700 miles. We have done the following to make it more capable:
-OME light suspension 2.5" all around
-tall aluminum topper w/double doors
-Rear awning for camp cooking
-RTT over cab (craigslist)
-Tacoma spare steel rims from Yoda Jims Yodayard
-Trail Gear tubey on the back
-Sleeping platform w/ drawer for stove and cooler spot
-little kid camp potty

I've done all the installs in my garage (which helped me invent new swear words and forced marraige counsel..)

We have a two and four year old so it's a tight fit but really fun. All told I'm prob in 15,000 for a really fun truck...not bad. Happy trails,



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Recommended books for Overlanding

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Hey, I'm sure you get this a lot, but is that front bumper available or was it custom? I've always been partial to the tube/pre-runner bumpers but I can't find a single one made for our trucks.
It is from Addicted Offroad in Ft. Collins Colorado. It can look weird at certain angles but we like the light weight for sure. I would have probably gone with the style that busmup808 posted but it wasn't being made yet. Overall we are happy with it.