Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

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Dreaming of Jupiter
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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
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New member to the forum here! Not new to lifestyle though. This is my third Toyota, and it's been another fun journey! Pictured here during my visit to Glacier National Park in Montana. I live in Northern Alberta and the province sure has some vast places to explore! Glad to be apart of this group. As I'm looking to upgrade in the future to a full size rig and there's plenty of great info on here!

- Ralf



Veterans day weekend outing to the desert, weather was great and was able to take some friends exploring.

Lots of great rigs out this weekend!

So much great geology!

Tight squeeze in a few spots, happy that I built out a min truck!

With the full moon we didn't even need our lights. Camping setup just keeps getting better.
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Recommended books for Overlanding

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2017 TRD offroad

front suspension; total chaos race series uppers, total chaos expidition series lowers, toyotech boss 2.5 aluminum series coil overs. Rear is ome Dakar springs and ome nitro shock (squeaks and moans like an old man). Performance; 4..88 gears, O.V. tuned, safari snorkel. Recovery, 12k winch. Armor; BA rear bumper, front bumper off road addicts, sliders home made. Wheels level 8’s and tires 33x12.5 kenda klever RT’ s 3 ply sidewall. 2 northeast marine batteries managed by Ctech smart pass and ds250a. 400w poly solar panels wi a 1500w inverter. Air by arb twin compressor with 2.5gal tank. Bed storage decked, victory off road rack, prinsu cab rack, and well as IKamper x cover. ECGS bushing swap, arb rear diff breather relocation, bla bla bl. 99E17554-4134-48F9-A791-2C9B39AA0421.jpeg8AB742C6-4344-46A6-8F5A-F98976F753EF.jpeg46B2BDE4-32EC-487B-9F17-36E74D47E3A9.jpegCA8E1C08-A3B5-4940-9641-9AC735F1DF90.jpegA9567495-FEA9-46C5-B4FA-1F352841F2DE.jpegECE4122C-A852-42F4-B7F2-76AC36300E38.jpegNot sure I got it all, but you get the gist4735B3F2-FD32-43E1-BB25-1AECB387E9ED.jpeg