Show your Thumper!!

May I join in...

Been spending a bit more time on the two wheel side of the forum lately. I really enjoy the diversity on here.

Here’s from a little morning jaunt today on my XR650R.
Playing around with some settings on my camera and photo shop.

My brother in law and I recently purchased a couple new bikes... Hopefully by spring we'll have them set up for some trips

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My favorite way to travel

2015 KTM 690 Enduro, mostly stock, FMF pipe to get rid if the heavy stocker gets a little more rack capacity for the rotopax, Wolfman and Giant Loop bags that work. Love the bike, has enough power to handle the soft stuff nicely when loaded! Pics are Canadian Rockies, central Mexico, and Arizona.




Picked up a baby GS a couple of weeks ago. Still working on getting it broken in, no "adventures" on it yet due to winter finally deciding to show up here in Utah.

Picked up a couple of project bikes a few months ago and finally got them street legal and ready to ride........first bikes since high school (last one was a 1978 Suzuki PE250, shows my age) besides the Harley stage I went through.

2000 KTM 640 ADV and 2009 TE310 (for the wife) ktm.jpg te310.jpg