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Purchased new 2003 Kawasaki KLR has been a solid friend from my first trip bouncing around southern Missouri and northern Arkansas (in the August rains) to Colorado Pass bagging to Gulf Coast runs to my latest camping trip on the Rim Rocker trail between Colorado and Utah....been a great bike for the past 17 years.AA40A511-27FB-4D1A-8A30-DE9121455C56.jpegE4C54DEE-A724-4FFA-B486-380A07880A47.jpegB7FE05BE-B7B4-4899-BE5D-B83F4E89C6FC.jpegAF23960B-C3AA-477D-A993-86B9EAD81DAE.jpeg615499DB-E30A-4321-932C-43883B7A53B1.jpeg
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I have been looking at tw200 and Vanvan's but finally got a Honde Rebel 300CC. At first it felt like a toy, LOL
But keep the revs up and it goes like a bat out of h**l. The reson I go it instead of the others is that I rarely go off road, the bike will be for short excursions away from my camping site or in case the truck breaks down and I need transport out. Seems like the Rebel will do just fine on a decent two track.