Sir William's 5th Gen Expedition Overland Camper Build


Whats up guys, for those that don't know me I'm Will aka Sir William. I have been on here for some time usually stalking others or documenting my trips that I'm on. I have decided to document the build of a custom Camper build in the back of my 5th Gen 4Runner, Apple. If you would like to read in much greater detail about not only this build but my travels as well feel free to hop over to my blog. There you will find details like measurments and what not! where you will find my videos and detail blog post about randomness!

The idea behind the build is to be simple and cheap and provide a few things.
1. Create an elevated area for my Indel B Fridge to sit so that it gets ample amount of air flow to keep from overheating.
2. An area that my girl and I can sleep in
3. Eliminate the Plano boxes that I have been using for storage
4. have a removable all inclusive kitchen box

First things first I have to remove the seats and the factory rear sliding deck which is now for sale over in the classifieds.

after that I begin by installing some 2x4s that I cut to fit longways in the rear from the back to the body cross member

From there I ran a 2x4 from side to side over the bolts that attach the rear seats so that I can screw the rear board and the front board to it. Sorry I didn't take a better picture while doing this as I was in the moment!!

From there I attached the front board and added some legs and vola a platform / floor for my camper build!

I then coated it with some cheap bed liner in a can and set it outside to dry. Unfortunately South Carolina weather said otherwise!!

I hope that this doesn't mess it up!

Now that I have the flat platform to start with I can start playing with the design of my sleeping and kitchen setup. Hope you guys follow along and perhaps get ideas or inspiration for you own projects. As normal I will try to post some updates periodically on all the platforms so check me out!!

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