Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV


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What about mounting it down on the bumper with a pivot to get it clear of the doors. (Think vertical pivot to the outside not a swing away) The pivot system could be like the one they use on the LMTV’s and a good cradle that uses the bumper for the support.

Checkout 2:00 minute to 2:40 on this video.

Possibility. Would need to relocate tail lights, and flip it for access to heater fuel tank. Bumper is wide and sturdy enough though.


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Not sure of exact specs. Have seen them used for years on off-road trailers carrying big spares. A lot of bouncing in a trailer; seem to hold up well.
Hmmm OE designed, but designed for more than OE weight? Hinge is single shear....


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Do you know? Are your axles the same as mine? I am very interested if they work.
I do believe they are.

And my wheels are still lost..... No one at the shipping CO seems to have a clue! And I cant get a call back from the lady who deals with lost stuff.