SmartBar (polyethylene bullbars from ARB-owned AUS company) making progress?

SmartBar in Australia has been making progress with their designs and aesthetics for a few years now. They have a pretty good product line, and to my eyes at least, these rotomolded LDPE bullbars look decent.

If they made one for my 2015 Tacoma, I'd consider it. My 2001 and now 2003 Tacomas have had the standard steel winch bar for eight or so years now, and my XJ had a steel bar since c 1996, but frankly LDPE meets a lot of my needs and has the advantages of light weight, deformation and recovery, molded-in color (including some high visibility options for public service) and corrosion resistance. For our European correspondents they make models compatible with the European directive (EC No 78/2009) on pedestrian protection.

Anyone here with firsthand experience?

From SmartBar (founded 1996 and owned by ARB since 2014) (The video just down the page on this link is worth a watch)

From the Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings site:
That's awesome. Especially the Stealthbar looks pretty good for me. I would be interested to know more. Not sure what pricing would be, but from a weight saving perspective and the fact that it won't rust, it intrigues me.