Smartphone apps on new fridges


That’s NOT how Bluetooth works. Once you connect it stays connected even if you move away to where it’s not connected or if you close app or switch apps. Even if you shut down phone thermometer cons and continuously will collect and store data. As soon as connection is restored it will upload data to device via Bluetooth seamlessly.
I'm not sure where our misunderstanding is but I understand how bluetooth works. I was saying that the type of bluetooth thermometers you posted a link to are not the same as an app to control all aspects of the fridge. I have some of what you posted, and I also have an Accurite indoor/outdoor on my work truck fridge which I've been using for years. It's old school, not bluetooth. Anyway, a fridge app which completely controls fridge (via wifi or bluetooth) is what I'm trying to gain feedback on, not alternatives to the native fridge apps.


One more data point, my Dometic portable fridge has an app and connects via WiFi which is more cumbersome vs Bluetooth, I suspect. But I never use it and don’t see any usefulness for it, so even if it were BT like the newer fridges I doubt I’d use it.


I have a Dometic CFX with their original app, maybe they've been improved. Every time you step out of range it disconnects and has to be manually connected, which means you have to walk back to the fridge anyway. I quit using the app years ago.