Smoky Mtn Overland Rally Map


Formerly Double-Desert
Hey guys. I know many of you all like maps so I though I would share a map I just created for the SMOR (April 12-14).

It's a combo of data I used from the East Tennessee Overlanders, data I collected myself, and data from the USGS. The printed maps are 24x36 inch and the scale is 1:50,000 (this was to get it all on one sheet of Arch D).

If you notice, the topo lines are of a different interval in the upper left. In this area, they are 20 foot intervals. The rest of the map, they are 40 foot. I have a few guesses why the USGS did the data like that.

The trails have been color coded (although the color is more or less arbitrary) and called out in a legend. The little "+" you see are one mile intervals. This is something I started to put on all our trail maps as it allows the map user to keep track with their odometer. Slick huh?

The vendor and sponsor box...well that's just marketing!

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you all as I have been in the profession of cartography and GIS since about 2004.

In case you want to buy one, here is the link :

And if you are a rally organizer and want to talk about making a map like this, email in the contact part of the website.