SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer Review


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^I couldn't tell you. Honestly I'm still learning about power management and I need to do more testing for different conditions. So far as I earlier said, an initial test with the Bluetop group 34 battery, it went to 11.4v after 25 hours with the fridge mostly empty and kept at 32 degrees. There was a really hot day where my Jeep sat in a parking lot for 10 hours and the battery looked like it had more of a drain of course. I'm curious at things such as going up to 40 degrees, and even inserting a frozen bottle of water, and other things, to extend battery life?

The Bluetop seems to charge up pretty fast when my Jeep is running (but again I need to test that), and mostly the fridge will be running off of the battery overnight. I could go to a larger battery, however with a Jeep TJ, I'm always out to limit weight, and so far I think with the right power management that I can stick to the Bluetop for now, but time will tell... :)
I just won a 42 liter snowmaster in a raffle at 100s in the hills. I'm super excited to have a fridge and am glad to read the good reviews. Now I'm working on tie downs and perhaps a slide for it.
Hi Guys, just to make it official, Whynter and Edgstar are copying Snomaster Stuff, and apparently now labeling it that way. Please post some pictures up so action can be taken. If you take it apart, you will find it does not have a Snomaster Compressor in it, and will suck down the power as a result. Please PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address.
8+ years ago, Edgestar was the first to use a knock-off Danfoss compressor and make on-the-go refrigeration affordable for the masses...God bless them for that since I am 7 years STRONG with my original 43 qt open box unit ($299 thank you very much foolios!).
All y'all others are just knock-offs of the original knock-off, and don't kid yourselves otherwise.
We respect you for what you are...but please stay humble and in your place and never forgot that you are not the original knock-off, LOL.
Just a heads up that while the Expedition Series 66D is currently OOS from Snomaster USA, you can save 10% and get free shipping if you email and commit to a unit in their September shipment.

With the heat we're having so far in September in the PNW, I might still have a chance to try ours out before things cool off.