Snow Peak Addiction

I was stoked to find a Snow Peak Coffee Press at the recent REI garage sale for $20. It was in perfect condition, but someone returned it because "it made gritty coffee". I'm assuming they just ground their coffee too fine. It's one of those things that I've wanted, but could never justify the price :)

I'm not sure I'd take it backpacking, although that is entirely possible, but it's going straight into my chuckbox to save room.
Half Depth Grill Plate

What are you folks cooking in the grill plate? Suggestions for both the BBQ and the Fireplace are appreciated... since I have both:sombrero:.
What should i buy?
What do you want to do with any or all of the Snow Peak gear? Personally, I'd get an IGT table with 660 legs, a single BBQ box and make your own inserts to cover the gaps. Yakatori style eating in chairs. I dig the My Table for cocktails in my chair. I enjoy my fireplace for grilling steaks, then roasting marshmellows off a wood fire. It all depends on how you want to hang out at camp. Give us a bit more to work with.
Thanks, Motoz, I do the same, but I was asking about the grill plate and what folks use that for:
Righto, Oops I should have properly read what you asked... lol

I think Lennart is the man. His posts throughout this thread have been mouthwatering !!!

Beautiful winter evening, so why not make something nice on the Fireplace.

Mis en place

And let's start building :chef:

And on to the Fireplace !

We (my wife and I) finished it all . I may have slightly overeaten......burp :sombrero:

Eet smakelijk

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Lennart, what have you found about the seasoning on the SP cast iron pieces you have? Are they pre-seasoned, or coated with some sort of non-stick? I went to start seasoning my mini oval ditch oven, and it seemed coated with something already...