Snow Peak Addiction

I finally used my single BBQ box today and it's really cool! Didn't seem like I could get it hot enough though. Who was the guy on here that was selling the inserts to improve air flow? I went back a few pages and didn't find him.

I cooked the steaks longer than usual, and they caramelized really well. Not quite hot enough though.
Got a question for you all...I like to boil small potatoes in the largest pot included in my SP Cast Iron duo kit. The problem is that I don't have a colander in the Jeep. I'm thinking about neatly drilling some 1/8 inch holes in the set's lid so that I can easily pour out water (for spuds and/or noodles). My question is: will this ruin the pot for steaming (when using the lid with 1/8 inch holes in it)? I occasionally make rice or steam veggies in it.