Snow Peak Addiction

Welcome to my world...this has been eating at me for weeks. Some cat in Japan is making these, doesn't speak english and Google translate doesn't work very well with the details. He kept saying it's just a prototype but then I saw this! His IG is @bonfire_go_outside so maybe if more of us pester him :unsure:
More pics as well...there's a version that folds out for double the space too.
I think I see enough of the construction to have a go at one. I think what looks like a foldout is actually two tops in one set of rails.
OK cool, I have 3 stacking boxes, so two will have a normal sliding top and one will have a double top/table :D
At least one of the lids will be a cutting board.

The basis is pretty straight forward. Two wooden struts, held in place by small magnets and a small lip for the two cut-outs in each end.
Then an L-profile (I am thinking stainless for strength) screwed onto the struts leaving room enough for another L-profile attached to the lid to slide in.
I haven't quite worked out how the L-profile is attached to the lid, but I think the wooden trim covers it. Else I will have to make some sort of slit/groove. Will find out as I go along.

Hardest part so far is to make (six) identical struts because of the rounded corner (did I mention I am by no means a pro wood worker ;)). Shouldn't make a lot of functional difference if they are not perfect but I think it is in keeping with the Snow Peak spirit to at least strive for perfection :)
kudos to you for diving in...I have a hard time folding laundry, so I won't bother trying to figure this out. If you have checked out his full link, you really should. He's got a bunch of pretty detailed posts on how his works:
Using Google translate on several of his posts, he talks about it not being a simple thing...but I also get the impression that he is really detailed and, to your point, trying to keep with the SP lines of craftsmanship
I got the three sets of struts done yesterday. I clamped the six pieces together and tried to shape them as one. Still want to rub them down with sandpaper a bit more but the shape is OK. Not perfect but close enough for an amateur ;)

I bought some aluminum L-profiles instead of stainless. 20x20x2 mm should be plenty strong and a lot lighter (and cheaper...)
Now I need to cut and mount the L-profiles. Ordered some 10mm magnets which should arrive any day now.
If I am boing you guys let me know :)

First slider is cut (not mounted). Five more to go with curve and then 6 more for the lids :D

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3 sets of sliders done and cut the little wooden lips to slot into the cutouts in the box. Of cours this is not a standard size hole, so it took quite a bit of sanding to get it to fit neatly :(.
The magnets came in, so it is time to assemble the sliders. I still need to cut a little notch to fit the cutouts and a hole for the magnets. Nothing really complicated so far but quite a bit of work none the less.
Below a mockup to see where it is going.

cheers (y)

UPDATE: And with a bit more effort the six sliders are done

Time for a beer :D
Now onto the lid/top ....
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No, that is a different size. I think we are looking at a separate lid to be released?

Edit: or is it the small box in the picture?
Edit2: I think it is the small box :)
I don't have one but I see this box has only two 'dents' in the corner and the large has three (y)

It will not be a tight fit I think, but it should work I suppose. I wouldn't mind if they made a proper version of these for the stacking containers.
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