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OK cool, I have 3 stacking boxes, so two will have a normal sliding top and one will have a double top/table :D
At least one of the lids will be a cutting board.

The basis is pretty straight forward. Two wooden struts, held in place by small magnets and a small lip for the two cut-outs in each end.
Then an L-profile (I am thinking stainless for strength) screwed onto the struts leaving room enough for another L-profile attached to the lid to slide in.
I haven't quite worked out how the L-profile is attached to the lid, but I think the wooden trim covers it. Else I will have to make some sort of slit/groove. Will find out as I go along.

Hardest part so far is to make (six) identical struts because of the rounded corner (did I mention I am by no means a pro wood worker ;)). Shouldn't make a lot of functional difference if they are not perfect but I think it is in keeping with the Snow Peak spirit to at least strive for perfection :)
kudos to you for diving in...I have a hard time folding laundry, so I won't bother trying to figure this out. If you have checked out his full link, you really should. He's got a bunch of pretty detailed posts on how his works:
Using Google translate on several of his posts, he talks about it not being a simple thing...but I also get the impression that he is really detailed and, to your point, trying to keep with the SP lines of craftsmanship
I got the three sets of struts done yesterday. I clamped the six pieces together and tried to shape them as one. Still want to rub them down with sandpaper a bit more but the shape is OK. Not perfect but close enough for an amateur ;)

I bought some aluminum L-profiles instead of stainless. 20x20x2 mm should be plenty strong and a lot lighter (and cheaper...)
Now I need to cut and mount the L-profiles. Ordered some 10mm magnets which should arrive any day now.
If I am boing you guys let me know :)

First slider is cut (not mounted). Five more to go with curve and then 6 more for the lids :D

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3 sets of sliders done and cut the little wooden lips to slot into the cutouts in the box. Of cours this is not a standard size hole, so it took quite a bit of sanding to get it to fit neatly :(.
The magnets came in, so it is time to assemble the sliders. I still need to cut a little notch to fit the cutouts and a hole for the magnets. Nothing really complicated so far but quite a bit of work none the less.
Below a mockup to see where it is going.

cheers (y)

UPDATE: And with a bit more effort the six sliders are done

Time for a beer :D
Now onto the lid/top ....
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No, that is a different size. I think we are looking at a separate lid to be released?

Edit: or is it the small box in the picture?
Edit2: I think it is the small box :)
I don't have one but I see this box has only two 'dents' in the corner and the large has three (y)

It will not be a tight fit I think, but it should work I suppose. I wouldn't mind if they made a proper version of these for the stacking containers.
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Prototype with the lid

Thoughts so far:

- it is fun to do but it is a lot of work without templates or a jig of some sort (and a woodworking shop with lots of tools :))
- the top is now solid wood with hardwood trim, which is nice but makes it a bit heavy. I might make a skeleton version next.
- it is a quite precise process to get the lid to run smoothly. Once you have assembled the top, that is it, you can't fidget with it any more because the L profile is covered by the trim
- the trim needs to be smooth and finished before you add it, or else you will need to sand the top and risk damaging the black finish (which of course I managed to do :giggle:)
- once assembled the construction is very strong. I could sit on the lid so putting other boxes on top of it is no problem what so ever.

Lord knows I love Snow Peak gadgets, but doesn't putting the top on these SP boxes negate using the unique folding action? And if you're gonna negate the folding action, wouldn't just putting a flip up lid be a heck of a lot easier?
Lord knows I love Snow Peak gadgets, but doesn't putting the top on these SP boxes negate using the unique folding action? And if you're gonna negate the folding action, wouldn't just putting a flip up lid be a heck of a lot easier?
In short .... YES
A little more elaborate: "You are right, no sane person would do this or want to, there are much easier solutions :D"
As you state, with the top on you can't fold the box. It could very well be that a flip up lid would be easier (although I don't know yet how that would work). Perhaps a regular box with lid would then be better. me it is similar to the IGT. There are much easier ways to set up a table, or a cooking unit, or shelves, or....., but the IGT does all of that. It adds complexity in favour of diversity (and of course Japanese origami gadgets are just cool ;))
The box still folds, but you can add the sliding top in seconds. You can put two boxes on top of each other and create a raised worksurface but still have acces to both boxes. You can use a box with the top as a cutting board and still have access to the contents. You can add the table extension, put on a folded box and still have acces to the bottom box via the sliding lid. Put two tops in one box or use the hinged top to create a low dining table.

Thruth is, I liked the look and the design and had a go. I will keep you posted on if it is practical (y)
For sure, I would not recommend making your own unless you enjoy the work :giggle:
So a lot of new got its maiden voyage this weekend on a kayaking trip to rainy East TN. New stoves, Camp Chef and Snow Peak and all of my new IGT collection. Oh yea and a new Jackson Karma kayak.


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