Snow Peak Addiction

Looks kinda like a woodstove, with that door on the end...
It does, but it lacks a chimney. It seems it is a new grill/oven. At the top under the lid there is a grill grate. Behind the door is a grill rack. Probably charcoal in the middle somewhere. Could be cool somewhat combining the BBQ box and oven.....
OK, so who has any info on this? The snow peak Koujin grill.

Do you have the link to this? I used to be able to find their new product announcement but the site has changed.

I’m moving back to Japan in August and plan to be there for the next 3 years. Anytime I see a new Snow Peak item, I’ll be sure to take photos and post my thoughts here. I’m planning on purchasing the Garden Table & Benches and bringing it back for the US Home. 🤪

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