Snow Peak Addiction


Lennart, thanks brother! I've been away from the machine for far too long. It felt good to create again. Even though my arm is killing me from hours of continuous work.. lol

I know this is probably sacrilegious, but I just finished this case last night. Its for my PDW Knife/cutting board set. Its like the Snow Peak variant, but on steroids with 2 knives
Should have my 4U windscreen soon and will probably need a case!


Also going to try applying it to the outside of the inner leg, instead of the inside of the outer leg.
I actually haven't tried this yet; just got some tape a few days ago. But it seems to me trying to fit the tape on the inside of the outer leg is a heck of alot harder than putting it on the outside of the inner leg. Thanks for the heads up on filing the detent holes...


Gentleman Adventurer
I'm selling two Baja Burner stoves and an Iron grill table. Any interest? $400.00 OBO shipping extra .

Free delivery to the American Adventurist Desert Rendezvous.



Has anyone built under rack slides for a IGT table so it fits under the front runner rack? I know frontrunner builds a set for their tables, but IGTs are a little thicker and can’t slide in. Just want to check before I build something.