Snow Peak IGT gas grill & Snow Peak reviews and tweaks


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OK figured I would start a new thread for this :)

getting into the Snow Peak IGT stuff

first up is I wanted a gas grill to go along with the BBQ box for those quick things like lunch etc.. where I dont want to start up charcoal etc..

but since Snow Peak sadly did not come out with this

had to come up with my own setup :)

this thread was timely and got me thinking

and this is the grill I got
got it off Amazon for a bit under $200
the big thing is the size is one space of a IGT
the body is 12.25 x 9 5/8
since its 12.25 in width it will drop into the frame ? since the frame needs about 12.75

my big thing is wanted quality and I know Magma stuff is great quality also a ton of parts so you can replace EVERY part without a problem !
and parts are very reasonable

also I like things that are thought out and not junk sloppy build most cheap grills fall into this category

I love the Baja Burner since its easy enough to setup on any table or any flat space with built in legs
the trailmate will also be able to do this :) again nice cause I can use it anywhere :)

a quick note magma has lots of mounts for BBQ grills so even if you dont have a IGT there are lots of cool mounts you could use like a rail one and could have it on a tube bumper etc..
that is what all those little square holes are on the bottom you see for all kinds of mounts !
have thought this one would be cool and hook up to the arb bumper :)

also that small clip you see on that plate with the holes is the grease pan easy to take out :)

======== part 1 just pics of the grill not mounted yet ==========

anyway here are the legs folded up

the legs stay up if not being used with little bump things :) and they will not fall ! so placing in a table will be easy

this is what it looks like next to the Baja Grill on its legs
and yes sorry it was late and dark could not go outside and take nice pics :)

another view

front shot of latch lock and bottom legs folded

lid up the grill grates in the back fit in a slot the lid has a extra lip that press down on the front part of the grates to keep them from rattling in travel

top taken off

view from the top I just have the IGT up on some glasses to test the depth before I make the mount for it to drop in but gives you are really good idea of the size its almost a perfect 1 space gas grill :)

another quick side view it will sit about 5.5 inches below the table when done so not to bad :)

so tomorrow will get my rails mounted in and more pics of the final product :)
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OK got it in tonight :)
used stainless hardware and a piece of 1 inch L channel aluminum pretty basic job nothing fancy at all

the small hole in the top is from where the handle was and I moved the handle to the top

another view

the hole you see lower is for the lighter to go in

what it looks like in the IGT the fit is perfect :)

with the new grill box I got from EE today :) with the lids on
the nice thing is both lids can work on the other box ? so I could set one aside and just swap the one I want to use :) but my plan will usually be both off though

side view with regulator on the gas stove you can see how they are really about the same size unit

another couple views of the grill box and the magma the regulator does not really stick out but is easy to reach and see

with the burner in place instead

anyway hope this helps someone looking for a gas grill for the IGT

or if you are looking for a nice gas grill for camping that is small and very nice quality check out the Magma stuff have to say I think it is the nicest built portable grill around
comparing it to the SP grill box in some ways its better thought out with the legs that can stay on and fold out of the way and the way the top locks on with a nice super solid cam buckle
I love the SP stuff but have to say again this magma unit is a perfect setup for getting a gas option into SP stuff since the build quality is so great and the fit is so perfect for the IGT
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Partner Steel Stove in IGT

OK finally got my Partner Steel stove into my IGT ;)

I did not want to have it just sit on a piece of metal that was in the IGT I truly wanted it to be like it was a piece made to drop into the IGT without extra hassles etc.. also wanted it to sit down inside and have the top flush !
also it had to be one piece ! did not want to put in a piece of metal then put the stove on it ! this way its part of the stove :)
after doing my Magma which has worked out great !!! I decided to do a stove !
my reasons are I love using a griddle and wanted something other than the Baja Burners for a griddle and wanted it to run off bulk propane.

I custom ordered the PS stove with the lid not attached and no handles or latches since I knew I wanted to have it clean on both sides to drop in also wanted to be able to lift the lid straight on and off ! 18 inch cause I wanted it to fit in two spaces and the 22 inch would have been to wide ! and I am OK with the small gap of about 1/ 1/2 inch along side

for fun just put the 4 space table up in the game room ;) so excuse the messy background and lousy pics but wanted to get this up :) will get some better pics later on!

I also put in one burner and my Magama to get a idea ! of course I could drop in the BBQ box etc....

also you will notice a white cutting board in some of the pics which is just a cut down NFS food supply cutting board I picked up at Sams Club for $8 trimmed it and it drops in very nice ! thick enough their is no flex to it great cheap way IMHO to get a cutting board or table top in the IGT ! I have two of these boards so I can also use the IGT as a eating table etc.. call me cheap but I figure $16 is cheaper than the bamboo ! I really love the looks and it frees up money to buy other things I want !

my simple L channel aluminum using 1 inch x 1/8 thick with stainless hardware

shows how it fits down into the IGT ! again almost like the Magma that the dimensions were so perfect

here you can see a closer look at the cut out around the knob hole

lower view as you can see easy to get to the dials to adjust :) and how it sits in the table

Looking down with the top on my idea here is if I am not using the stove I still want to be able to use the top ! this way with the aluminum top I can put hot pans and such on it from the grill etc...

looking down with the top off

looking down with the cutting board on like the top but this time if I am not using it rather than taking it out storing it I wanted to be able to have the aluminum top or the cutting board in place :) which I have to say I am pretty happy how it has turned out !

looking down with the cutting board slid back so you can see the edge of the IGT still catches the board and covers the stove so the cutting board does not slide off the IGT !

just a example of how I might use it camping :)
the cutting board sitting in the IGT on its own with the PS next to it !
I am usually going to run a griddle on the PS stove ! but will use it as a burner some I am sure !
also in the 2 space table my Magma and the other baja burner
(my charcoal box is outside and really messy as we have been using it at home a ton)
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now that its done :) going to get some steaks tomorrow and put it through the testing of both units :) I am more a rib-eye guy the wife loves Filets kids of course hotdogs and burgers


I will be very curious to see how you like the Magma after you put it through a few uses. I was considering doing something similar, but using a Partner stove. I suspect the Magma is cheaper, so that may be the ticket. The thing is, I know the Partner stoves are very well-built and made to take on rafting expeditions. The Magma looks more flimsy--if I remember, it has a bunch of spot welds that don't look all that durable. What do you think of the build construction? Also, how is the heat output?



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the partner steel is a stove/burner though not a grill :)

quality wise ? I know spot welds can hold quite well and they are spaced close enough just to hold the shell edges on :) its just a grill so no heavy stressing the build quality is excellent IMHO and not flimsy like every other one I have ever seen from weber or coleman or any at cabelas etc.. have not felt a nicer made portable grill yet :)
its in the Snow Peak or better build class IMHO

also the parts are available since they are huge in the boating world tons of parts and you can actually get them :)

is it flimsy compared to a partner steel ? well the metal is thinner etc. the magma the latches are the same if not maybe a touch nicer ? the lid on the magma is smoother and nicer fitting than the wind screen lid on the partner steel does that mean the partner is not as nice ? nope its a dif thing IMHO but they are not making a rafting burner to hold up to being pulled out of a raft every day and used as a camp stove ! they are making boat and RV grills ! and if they made a rafting setup I bet it would be a equal ! and even though thinner metal the build quality again compared to what else I could ever find cant be beat :) and again while thinner does not make it less IMHO :)

its hard to describe build and feel of something ? so hope that helps and again its a grill you cant throw a burger or a steak directly on a Partner Steel :)

time will tell !!!! I sure hope it lasts :)

heat output is 7500 BTU but this is a tiny grill
I know magma hates the BTU game cause its a joke ! just like partner steel hates the game and its also about output control how even it is etc...
the other magma are about 10,700 BTU for single burner rating

again will let you know when I grill tonight to test and have two camp trips over the next month or so ! so shall see how it does at above 7000 feet on one and the other one is lower about 5000 feet ? out camping which will be the real world test :)

and for my needs to supplement the charcoal one or be a quick lets do hot dogs and burgers for lunch kinda thing I am thinking it will be great ?
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Looks like a very nice setup. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like the Magma.
I have a Magma charcoal stove I've used for years with no issues. In the boating industry, they are one of the 'it' companies, and they have (what I believe) is a well-deserved reputation for quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of their gear for overland use.


About the Partner stove vs the Magma grill--you have appropriately corrected me. I was typing faster than my brain was processing. I will be very interested to hear your impressions of the grill once you have tried it out a few times. I have recently acquired a Spressoman adapter for using propane with my baja burner. If your impressions are favorable, I will get a Magma and then connect both the grill and burner to the same bulk propane tank.



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About the Partner stove vs the Magma grill--you have appropriately corrected me. I was typing faster than my brain was processing. I will be very interested to hear your impressions of the grill once you have tried it out a few times. I have recently acquired a Spressoman adapter for using propane with my baja burner. If your impressions are favorable, I will get a Magma and then connect both the grill and burner to the same bulk propane tank.

I totally figured that ;) and no worries would not say corrected :) more a slip in brain keyboard connection that happens to us all :) ehheeheh

curious about that adapter myself ;) would be nice to get one if they work well

so first day did hot dogs for the kids lunch ? UH OH OK that was not tough of course did fine :)

dinner I wanted to try out my new grill box also
went and got some nice mesquite lump charcoal a 40 lb bag :) big log size chunks I had to break up and went down got some nice Kobe Beef burger meat we get and did the kids on the gas ours on the charcoal :)

both were great of course the charcoal did a bit better job I love my burgers to have a good crust on them
the kobe is very drippy meat gas grill did good I think it could have been a bit hotter ? again first day using so going to try some steaks tomorrow or the next day on the gas
I know the catalina model is about 2x as hot ? still curious about that one also but its $450 ? and would take up more space
so first day two meals I think its doing what I wanted it to :)

again my goals were small to match the charcoal and take a single space and will be to do things that do not fit on the charcoal or be able to cook and move off on low to hold while I do more on the charcoal etc.. and times like lunch when I dont want to hassle with charcoal

I do think that catalina model would be good alternative and would be large enough for a family of 4 easy on one grill ? that might be a good base for my griddle also since the heat would be large and even ! I am not a fan of griddles on two burners you always get the two hot spots it seems ?

OH and one thing I want to get is a volvo C304 :) trying to convince the wife we need one :) love the 6x6 full cab models TGB13 I think is the model ?
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Great job on the adaptation to the IGT table, and thanks for the report.
I just scored a Magma Cabo gas grill on fleabay for cheap,this modle is the larger version of yours with almost 12k BTU, I will report back to it's performance.


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yeah for sure post up how it does ?
also what you think of the build quality etc.. :)

curious if you are going to try to drop it into the IGT or ?