so basically... 3/4 ton/1 ton heavier camper


Your biggest consideration with any camper is weight.

Lance Industries has a calculation sheet so a potiential owner can figure pretty darn close type and model of truck to that of honest hauling in the pickup bed.

If you cannot figure how to do the calculations, grab on to a H.S. Math teacher, offer whatever consultant gifts gratuities or cold hard cash. Just do it before allowing ANY camper sells dude selling your mind into a Unit so fricking heavy the day they lower it into the bed of your pickup it lowers (sags) by four inches or more. Crap happens all the time in this industry.

How do I know this? Because I did it ... too my own derned self. Its too long of a story, just that my wife and I fell in love with Lances Flagship Model 2016 1172 and with PRINTED math calculation sheet IN MY HAND I took it to every man and women who could listen to me to ask if they could help me do these math problems.

Not even Licensed commercial drivers knew how to complete my form. All I managed to obtain was VERBAL only ...

... OH GARY! What are you so worried over! Your have a one ton dually! It will more than handle the 1172!

After two months awaiting its arrival, I realized when the electric jacks began lowering so went my pickup bed.

Keep in mind too one must be prepared to dish out thousands of dallors to camper prep a truck. I own a 2006 one ton GMC dually 4X4 DuraMax with an Allison Tranny. It is pre-smog. I love my truck.

I have owned an hauled a 1996 Lance 990 Legend until 2016, whereupon, my wife and I felt we needed more luxury, and space via the two slide outs. We got that and so much more.

The camper is marvelous.

Except, its honestly too heavy. Its up for sell, I know I will take a loss, but we wish to downsize to an 850 non-slide 8 ft camper. At 2700lbs even 3500lbs loaded we will be right in the trucks sweet spot. That is very dern close to our old 990 Legend's weight.

A few points to other posts.

Camper Advantages;

Can park in regular mini mall parking lots.
No trailer wheels fenders smashing into county road reflectors (milage markers) hairpen turns heading into National Parks.
Smaller area to heat/cool.
Campers way overbuilt versus trailers.
Due to jacks on all four corners. When your buddies leave you a otherwise unsuitable to trailer leveling location, its perfect for the truck camper. Experience will be your best guide to OJT such site leveling management practices. I never off-load my unit period. I haul a Jeep JK on a car hauler.
Do NOT waste your $$$ on rooftop Solar. Total rip. 1000 Watt Honda Genny plugged into the 30 amp cord is the bestest. About 10 cents an hour to run it.


Simple. During the summer whose clammoring to park outside in the sun!?! Buy one at a yard sell (Estate sell) change the oil and run the crap out of it. Use it only for battery charging. If someone wants to run Microwave or A/C plug into 30 AMP run the propane gen set. NEVER go with one RV battery. 990's only have one. Not good enough for off-grid full-timing. Unless, you want to run small genny.

Camper hauler; 18 months to locate a clearn low milage one ton 4X4 camper special. Searching for used one tons can be a daunting task. As most one tons are used for commercial (see EMPLOYEES) and they are beat to hell. I purchased certified used. I got lucky.

Any one ton can be serviced or parts obtained (if left stock) anytown USA. NOT so great say in a class B Mercedes Benz unit. I have dry camped in dealers car lots before.

Large engines, appropriate GVW ratings translates into toy heaven.
I have used fourwheel high on numerous occasions keeping speeds down no chains.

The Negatives:

Four people fulltime ... TOO many! You will quickly get camper fever!
Little to NO storage on or in a 990. A 2018 1172 is too small for four. Fulltime

Five years ago I spent two months at an RV park an man I gotta tell you those walls closed in on me. Most all club areas close before 8PM. So, that leaves sitting out on small camp chairs or wooden park tables. Think about storing four chairs! A crew cab will not help. You cannot haul a lawn tent with bug netting either. Where would you store that?

Four people fills a black tank up quick! Unless you're only thinking pay sites with an electric tree so on.

Bunches to think about.
For the full-timers or foul weather travelers, a trailer can be dangerous.
With our winter travels, the safest option has always been a truck camper.
Although the OP has likely found her solution, I'd opt for a truck camper too if it was me.

I would also plan on a decent amount of offroading (dirt roads and trails), to get to good campsites. You don't need to pay for campgrounds, and there is nothing like being in the wilderness miles from other humans! Her boys would love it, I bet. 2wd would be adequate but 4wd would certainly be nice and provide some piece of mind.

It'll be a little tight, but you can make it work: