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LR Max

Local Oaf
Why spend all the money on ACTUALLY doing something, when you can get a side profile of a D5 with a roof rack, take a snorkel, make it work, and photoshop some series steelies on there. Oh and then splash it with yellow. I don't know how much time it takes a digital artist to make that, but less time than actually putting the vehicle together. Let alone anything else.

Yep. More smoke and mirrors.

However they have an opportunity here. The canceled G4 challenge was set for Mongolia. They could get the "new" defender (assuming it is real, I apologize but after 20 years of being lied to I just don't believe it anymore), outfit them, focus mainly on driving and off roading but retain some challenges, and go there. Mongolia is exotic enough to catch the eye of the western world. Then drive all the cars down into China to bolster their sales there.

Or just keep doing what they are doing now...because why try to save an iconic brand when you can just let it all go to crap...again.