Socal, Santa Ana: Scepter Military gas cans


Hello, I have genuine scepter military gas cans for sale. I picked up more than I needed so it's time to let some go.
They are used with some paint, scuffs, sticker, duct tape, ect....
I have 3 tan and 3 green $50 each can plus shipping or pick up in Santa Ana, CA.


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Do you have a shot of the side of the cans and what color is the cap strap (i.e. are these diesel or gas cans)?


Hi, I don’t have side shots but they are genuine and say 20L fuel. Straps are tan or green to match the can. They Originally had diesel but are mostly dried up, you can wash it with some degreaser or soap but I didn’t wash mine before use.


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The reason for my question. I’ve got plenty of diesel and water cans but only 1 gas can.
You can get viton gaskets pretty easy, I got a stack of 10 from a seller on eBay. All the surplus cans (usually tan) I've come across have color matched strap and not yellow and red straps like the new OD green ones I got prior to the civilian supply being cut off.


I used the cans that had diesel previously but never changed the gasket, still alive and kicking for four years. They come with the viton gaskets which is grey and almost snake skin pattern. I believe The older black rubber gaskets are the ones that swell up