Sold 1989 Delica L300 Camper (manufactured 1988-Oct-03)


Dream it build it
FOR SALE --1989 Mitsubishi Delica L300 Camper[/B]

1989 (manufactured 1988-Oct-03) will be 25 years old meeting US import rules
Motor: 4D56T original motor and original head
Transmission: 5-Speed (rare)
Rear: Factory Locker
Mileage: 205,000km
Radiator: Rebuilt factory copper (not weak plastic/aluminum)
Factory Winter Package: dual battery, tougher seats/rugs, locker

Chassis Modifications:

Brakes: dual piston upgrade
Lift: small ball joint spacers + shackles rear (just enough to clear 31” tires)
Tires: 31X10.5X15r (front fenders cut to clear)
Front Hubs: Manual Hubs (factory auto included)
Rear Bumper: Custom bumper with Tire Swing
Front Bumper: Updated Bush Guard with 4 Hella lights
Headlights: older square lights with 4 Hella (much preferred over updated grill/headlights)
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge

176,000km all belts (timing/balancer/accessory), tensioners, seals, water pump, cooling system done
Oil changers: always 3500-4000km
Axles/Transfer-case/Transmissions: Royal Purple in all
Rebuilt front end (new bushings)

Roof: Custom hitop fibreglass camper roof
Slide: Bed slides out hatch on custom slide
Awning: ARB style awning and add room
1500 watt inverter on 2 gauge wire (160 amp breaker)
All interior lighting LED (you can leave the lights on for 2 weeks)
Kitchen/Furnace: Sink, cupboards, propane convection furnace
Sleeping inside: 2 adults and 2 children (still room to cook!)
Older slider windows with window screens

Located at the North End of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Price $8,500 email
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Your family finally outgrew this beast?!? Best of luck with the sale on probably the best and most modified Delica I've seen!

It will be interesting to see if it makes it to the States or stay local...
120,000 miles ;D

Mr. D


Dream it build it
thanks Mr. D....

Few answers to the Emails I have been getting....

Gets 22-24mpg usually when I take the time to calculated...

It happy cruising at 60mph and slow to climb mountains greater than 6% grades usually 40-45mph in third (I do not push it keeping exhaust temps under 900 on long climbs)...

I find it similar to a 22r for seat of the pants power (or lack of power)...

You can turn up the pump, turn up the turbo, add an intercooler on these 4D56T

Off road it is fun to drive and the cab-foward design rocks (only my Willys FC170 had a better view)...


Dream it build it
New Price $8500

Few more answers to questions:

PARTS - uses same running gear as Montaro
-engine parts 4D56T is used in some mini-equipment (never had any issues getting parts)
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Dream it build it
I forgot the known problems...

Turbo leaks a little oil (typical for these turbo little drip)
Alignment needs tweaked (I will fix...this is due to all the new parts/bushings and someone doing the alignment without replacing worn parts)
Furnace needs the main jet cleaned (I will do as fall camping is upon us :) )...

It is a 25 year old truck I would drive anywhere tomorrow without worry...


Dream it build it
will try to tomorrow,,,,just got back from a week living on my work boat (not internet or cell service out there)



Have you figured your new build? I know you can't stand still for too long so it's just a matter of time...

Mr. D


Dream it build it
Thanks working on the new hard to get anything from up my eye on a few

The delica is in good hands and it was a good price for everyone......