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I’m selling a 2007 Tentrax tent trailer. It’s in good condition with what I would say is very light use, the inside of the storage area and tent itself are in great shape. I had plans to install a 2” lift with 33” tires and drag it behind my Jeep but plans changed and now I would like to sell it. Tentrax is still in business and still offers support for these older trailers. The 2” lift was going to cost $130. It has a Dexter torsion axle with electric brakes and 5 on 4.5” bolt pattern, 15”x8” wheels and 235/75/15 tires. Tentrax also sells hubs to change the bolt pattern if necessary for $110.

Know issues
-Optima yellow top is dead and needs replaced.
-Behind the passenger tire there are some spiderweb cracks in the finish, purely cosmetic
-Driver side rear corner of the lid the plastic trim is cracked/damage.
-The tent has 1 small spot where the material was worn thin from improper storage. It’s not ripped and doesn’t have a hole but I put some silicone tent repair material on it anyways.
-The middle hinge for the lid is broken, could be welded back together or replaced with a new one from Tentrax for $23.

All minor stuff and with the exception of the battery does not affect the function of the trailer.

I’m located in Henderson NV and can possibly help with delivery to Phoenix or anywhere in between end of March begining of April. I have a bunch of pictures I can send via text/email.

Asking $3500 OBO
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Can you tell me about the tent size height and width, sleeping pad, rainproof or not? What functions would the battery run, and if any extras are included in the sale?


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Nice unit, I've pulled mine with my 2006 wrangler and hardly know it's there. Much quicker to setup in camp compared to ground tents, plus you're up off the ground with all the advantages that brings.


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@Vegastoy - What’s the size of the storage rack on the trailer lid and also the front of the trailer? What are the dimensions of the storage area inside of the trailer? Also what are the dimensions of the silver box on the trailer tounge? How big is the tent?
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