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Selling one of the best off road trailers I’ve found to date. Small and tows like an absolute dream, but then expands to 7’ ceiling heights and replicates the living space of a 19’ airstream (how I’ve comparing it when explaining to others).

It runs on new 32” BFG KO2s, carries 50 gallons of water between two tanks, 4 gallons of diesel, two 5 gallon jerry can holders, nine brand new AGM batteries, 20 pound propane tank, four roof mounted solar panels (280 watts I believe) running through an MPPT controller, coil sprung independent suspension with fox shocks, electric over hydraulic disk brakes, diesel cook top, diesel hot water heater/air heater, fridge with freezer section, 2000w inverter, storage for days (seriously, the storage space is incredible), interior kitchen, exterior kitchen, interior cassette toilet, internal hot shower, exterior hot shower connections, two hot water sinks, tv with three mounting portions (interior kitchen area, bed area, outside kitchen area), and the most comfortable queen sized bed ever.

No canvas walls to deal with, no uncomfortable thin roof top tent mattress, and no difficult setup. This trailer has been absolutely wonderful and it makes you really feel like you got a lot of capability for the price. I work in the off road/overland industry mostly fabricating and building one off global expedition vehicles along with guiding internationally. So I do feel confident about my stance on certrain products out there. Most, is honestly subpar junk, with a few gems created by true fabricators. This is one of those gems. The other plus is Kimberly has opened up a US distributor so spare parts are now much easier to get.

This trailer was researched by me and purchased for my parents, who are very much adventurous people. We are the second owners, while the first owner took incredible care of it. I almost always don’t recommend used equipment to customers, as I find most first owners don’t exactly make sound improvements but rather cause problems. So I was very skeptical of this trailer at first, but glad I opened a discussion with the original owner and found someone as picky and perfectionist as I was. During our ownership, I was the maintainer, but honestly, the first owner was so good that very little needed work. The reason for selling is one of my parents is not doing as good as they once were. It’s been hard on them seeing this trailer in the garage (its garage kept) and not really being able to use it. This sell has been postponed for almost a year, but, I guess it’s the right thing to do, to move it own. It’s what they want (but trust me, they would rather be driving somewhere with this behind their cruiser).

I have a work through video that shows real time setup along with all the features. That videos is 15 minutes long and 2/3 of it, is just talking about features. This trailer is insanely fast to setup.

Asking $54,000 obo, about half of a new one. Ready and willing to assist in whatever you need make this purchase easier. Currently located in western North Carolina, but not hard to drive it almost anywhere (not like you notice it behind you when in tow).



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Some more pictures


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Hello, you mentioned a setup video you did for this specific trailer, do you have a link to it? Also, the new ones have a composting toilet, I can't tell from the pictures what the bathroom area looks like. Do you have pictures of it? Cheers!


Hello, you mentioned a setup video you did for this specific trailer, do you have a link to it? Also, the new ones have a composting toilet, I can't tell from the pictures what the bathroom area looks like. Do you have pictures of it? Cheers!
This is a dometic cassette toilet. No doubt the composting toilets are nice, but a new one is about 30K more. I do like having a cassette toilet (like what is in an earth roamer) much more than a black tank. Due to with a cassette, any toilet, is now a dump station, and no longer have to find a RV dump station when on an adventure. Then with that point, it’s free to dump. Working on getting the rest of the pictures upload with that video.

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Nice looking camper. This is my dream rig for sure. Would love to pick one up and travel the country on the back road! Just a bit too far out of my price range unfortunately. If I ever find one around 40 that will change! GLWS!


@Davi Florea i have camped in my Karavan from max of 110 to as low as 5 degrees.

This is a steal at this price.

They have not changed much over the years and this one looks clean.

Also you have US support now with Dave Bates in OH.


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I wonder if Dave Bates would be able to upgrade this rig with some of the few changes the new Karavans sport? Like the swing out toilet/shower and the air suspension. I guess it would depend on cost.

Also, that link for the video isn't working for me. My phone says it doesn't have an app to support it.
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The new owner should reach out to with the last 4 digits of the VIN. They will ask for the chassis number which is the same thing. It is a very useful website for owners of Karavans and Kruisers

There are a few of us here as well :)

Congrats on the sale and purchase

Several tips for the new owner:
1 Make sure the door where the poles go is closed before you slide the bed out to complete setup. I caught it on that twice :) The latches are cheap though
2 When the camper is close up, notice were the two fold down walls are. Don't add bedding or things that put the top of the bed above were the wall folds down as this puts undue pressure on that wall and bolts. One in Australia ended up having to replace the bolts after months of having too much on top of the bed
3. Make sure the rear stabilizers are down before getting on the bed

I am sure you will get a walk through, just some quick tips on how to avoid damage that can be easily overlooked as they are not obvious until they become obvious :)
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as an owner of an older one of these I can tell you ugrading to the air suspension or the swingout toilet are not an option, at least not an option for the majority of us. Maybe if you have a full machine shop and are proficient at welding and all sorts of other things. I would assume you have what you have and just keep it up and maintain it. Nothing wrong with it that way. Not to hijack Robs thread but I am going to list mine for sale to see if there is any interest, I have not used it in over a year.

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