SOLD: 2015 Ford F-350 4x4 (6.7 Power Stroke Diesel) with Four Wheel Camper Grandby Flatbed (pop up)

What is the overall height, when the top is down? And how long is it? Thanks
I don’t have exact measurements so I can give you a estimation. I would say with camper top down it’s about 8 1/2 feet x 17 feet. I will get a precise measurement once I get my hands on a measuring tape. Just didn’t want to leave you hold.

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We this puppy is still up for sale and has a new particulate filter put in under warranty and should been good for over 100,000 Miles.

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Your DPF went out early. Any idea what happened?
Not sure since it seemed to be working fine even up to taking it in for service just an engine light. I think there may have been a recall notice that I failed to jump on concerning some computer flashing/updating. It all fell under warranty so no problems every occurred and I did some back country trail on the way back home.

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Awesome setup! I have the same truck - can you tell me about that storage box behind the drivers seat? I really like that idea - and have been looking for something similar.