SOLD -Basecamp F550- Custom Expedition Overland Camper- Lots of Pics


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Basecamp F550

Have you been shopping for the ultimate overland vehicle? Have you been disappointed by the lack of vehicles out that that can sufficiently get you off the grid AND carry a couple motorcycles or large gear in general safe and securely?

Well I have a solution for you my friend……... Let me introduce you to the Basecamp F550. This vehicle was professionally built to fit those exact needs I wrote about above. I wanted something to take my family camping and carry all the toys I wanted to bring. I wanted to be sufficient for off the grid camping AND not stress about my bikes disappearing or being damaged in transit.

Don’t wait over a year for something less than this to be built. This truck is available now!

This build was done by professionals in the industry, this is not a home build. The build was completely done with aluminum and composite. Using those materials made this build a lightweight build. This professional build comes in at about 14K lbs (which is about 5.5K lbs less than an Earthroamer).

This build was done with 4 different engineers and a BMW race team designer doing most of the work. Professionally designed by a German automotive race truck designer and an expedition ship designer. Built in conjunction with the best fabricators and artists in the industry. The camper area was done by the same people who build all the fire crew vehicles. It meets all the same safety standards the government requires for those vehicles. It is Roll-Over safe certified for passenger safety. Truly the total package built to haul you, your family and all your gear in total comfort to the furthest reaches of the planet.

See Below for full description of truck and camper and a picture link.....

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The Truck:
The truck is a 2017 F550 Diesel 4x4 Lariat. It seats 5 as it has the very spacious crew cab configuration. Everything on the truck is under full factory warranty as everything was done to spec to keep the warranty intact. The truck currently only has about 4,500 miles on the odometer.

The truck is equipped with Hutchinson Military Spec 2 Pixel Bead Lock Wheels with 41” Michelin X 335/80R20 tires. It has a 6” Dirt Logic alongside Fabtech fully adjustable coilovers and radius arms (similar to those on trophy trucks). The overall lift with tires and lift itself is about 11”. The rear end has custom Atlas rear leaf springs. To help with the height thee power steps are extra-long and drop an additional 5”.

The total length of the truck is 29’ making it very practical for getting around. The front end has custom high clearance fiberglass fenders 12” wider than stock. It is also equipped with an Aluminess front bumper with 4 Rigid LED high intensity off road lights. Inside the bumper is a Warn 16500lbs winch with synthetic rope. The rear also features a custom bumper with an electric hydraulic swinging tire gate.

The Camper:
The camper itself is a combination of aluminum framing and composite body. It is insulated with 2.5” foam. I also had sound deadening added throughout the camper to help with noise as well as temperature. The truck has a pass through to the camper that can be sealed off with professional done cushions that close off the cab to camper to create a temperature seal as well as noise. It also allows passenger ingress/egress from truck to camper. The camper has a wrap on it that can be kept or easily removed if so desired.

Quick Specs on the camper:
Sleeps 5:
-1 King Bed
-Dinette turns into larger twin
-Fold Down twin bunk beds along gear wall
50 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
30 Gallon Grey water tank Wet Bath featuring:
-Cassette Toilet- Thetford 10 Gallon
-Interior Shower
-On Demand Airxcel Hot Water Heater
-Macerator in drain so you don’t have to worry about what you’re showering off yourself after riding bikes or a day at the beach.

Tons of custom cabinetry for interior storage
2 Huge exterior water tight storage compartments along the camper body
-Stores 2 12V batteries
-110 amp hr total
-Has wiring to add a permanent generator if desired

400W of Lensun Solar on the roof- Marine Grade- can be walked on
Red Arc Charge Controller- Maintenance free- Designed to do all the thinking for you
Interior Volt Reader next to sink
Large Sink with stainless custom countertop
110 Shore Power Plug
2 Fantastic Fans for airmovement- 1 in main kitchen area, 1 in bathroom
Floor is aircraft checmical resistant water proof linoseal
Propane Catalytic heater- Olympia Wave 6 Directional Heater
4 Tie down points in camper floor
Custom GearKeep Storage wall
-Has all the arms to store surfboards, bikes, and more
-Folds down to create 2 bunkbeds
-Can fit 3 dirtbikes in camper

The camper has a surprisingly light yet sturdy staircase for access. It attaches to the rear door for convenient storage and use. The bottom has adjustable legs to allow for uneven surface use. I also have the moto ramp for loading and unloading motorcycles.

Overall I built the camper to be trouble free. I created the interior systems to be exchangeable if a problem arises. During build process, I never said no to upgrading to the highest quality materials to be used.

I spent over a year having this beast created unfortunately life changes and demands other things of me so the beast if for sale.

Please do not waste my time with lowball offers. If you are wanting to see the camper or go for a test drive be prepared to prove funds.

If you’ve read this far thank you for being interested in the truck. I am more than happy to talk to you about it if truly interested in the truck.

I have lots of pictures from the build I would be willing to share with you.

Located in Southern California
Price Drop: $185K

Click link below for more photos
More Photos
What is the fuel capacity and range?


Hard to believe this rig hasn't sold. Looks amazing.
It's very cool, but the people in the market for this price range is very small. Most of the people who could afford this sort of thing are are too busy on the weekends to go overlanding....those weekends are taken up with jetting off to Monte Carlo for all those orgies with European supermodels on their yacht in Monte Carlo...;)

I'm only 1/2 joking. :D


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Looks nice OP! One thing I'm curious about is center of gravity. With the truck being so high up, is there any problems with turning at higher speeds or instability?


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Thank you. Is there a refrigerator or freezer in the rig and how is the rear suspension set up? Air bags, leaf springs, coils, etc? Is there a possibility to upgrade the fuel tank to a 80-100 gallons? I would guess 40 gallons doesn't get you very far at 6-8 MPG. I am interested and would like to speak further with you.


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Any response on room for a larger fuel tank, refrigerator and rear suspension set up? I am interested and would be a cash buyer. Live in AZ
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Any response on room for a larger fuel tank, refrigerator and rear suspension set up? I am interested and would be a cash buyer. Live in AZ
Not the seller, but yes Titan makes aftermarket tanks in 51 and 56 gallon IIRC. The 56 hangs down a couple inches below the stock one however. A spare tire tank is available as well.