SOLD FS: Oz Tent RV4



Pick up only. NE Massachusetts.
RV4 Oz Tent, side panels and front panels, and floor saver. Excellent condition, all bags and poles. No issue at all.
I bought local from someone who used them 1X. I set them up, it is all perfect, then I bought an AT Habitat, so my loss is your gain. All for $800.
Pick up only in 01810.

I also have Oz Tagalong, this is not free standing, it can attach to other Oz tent and awning with zippers or with an adapter to awnings with a bolt rope track like ARB.
$350 for this one.

Sold Batwing: Finally, I bought a Rhino Batwing 270, brand new from Etrailer, passenger side, with Yakima/Thule mount kit, fits Rhino and othees as well. $575 on this. It came with a free folding Rhino chair and bag, your with the awning.
01810 pick up only

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If you knew someone heading to Expo West I would send you the money today and pay the transporter.
I'm in 75201....


Come on over and check it out. You can buy just what you need, I can help you install the awning. PM me your contact and we can talk.


These are great prices, they are really in perfect condition. Come on by, I'll set it all up for you. My loss is your gain.


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I'm interested in the batwing awning. Will be up on north shore tomorrow. Delays to passenger side of vehicle correct? Please PM me, maybe we can connect. Thnx


Tag alongs don't need it, they must attach to an awning or another Oz tent for support. This has a zipper along the leading edge.