SOLD, SOLD, SOLD - 2010 Conqueror Commander - Only One in the US (PRICE DROP)

Dendy Jarrett

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For Myriad reasons, it has become necessary (regretfully so) to sell our 2010 Conqueror Commander.

This is a 2010 model. I just placed $1200 worth of BF Goodrich tires on the trailer, so she has a grand stance! She has had a step up transformer installed, so all the systems function as if they were 110 based.
It is registered as a 2010 Conqueror Commander. (which adds to the “only one in the US” provenance). It has a legal US title, tags, and insurance. Registration is no problem for a new owner.

Other than that sun damage on the awning cover tops (replacement covers available and affordable- I just haven't pulled the trigger - but honestly I would probably have a canvas place use UV rated sunbrella material to replace these covers), this trailer has no areas needing forgiveness. I replaced all the decals (the previous owners had removed them all- I had them reproduced locally). I did not put the elephant back on. Just the Conqueror Commander decals.
I have converted the hook up on the electrical for a 7 pin round US and all of that operates as it should. I have installed battery operated LED lights in addition to the National Luna florescent lighting that came on it. Those stay.

I will sell the trailer for (PRICE DROP) $39,999.00 (90 Liter National Luna not included- will sell seperately). (substantially less than the cost of importing one!) We will be keeping all cutlery and such as we put our own in it as the PO kept the original. (it's just cheap Target stuff). The only other thing to note: The original cushions for the front drop down tent were not with the trailer, rather two short mattresses that are 6 inches thick and quite comfortable. I will leave them with the trailer.
I keep it washed, waxed and cleaned. I am as OCD as they come, and even vacuum it while we are out camping! :|

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would also be happy to assist in coordinating shipping.
I can be reached at:

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im not saying id ever pay 45 for a trailer, and i know im not the type to drag this thing down a trail, but if i would, this is easily my favorite trailer ever. its a masterpiece of origami coolness. nothing else comes close. my neighbors would think i was loon for camping out in the backyard, just because.

i wish i could figure out a way to bolt this to the frame of an f350 and have it functional.

i hope things get better for you, as personally, i would have to be in serious distress to part with this toy, even if i never used it. its just tooo figgin' cool.
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Awesome trailer. Someone will be a very happy camper.

Good luck with the sale, but I doubt you'll need it. This trailer will be gone in no time. :exclaim::exclaim::exclaim:
Love this trailer Dendy - can't believe your letting it go so soon

Good luck with the sale, wish I had the coin to buy it.

On a side note .... If it doesn't sell before overland expo east you should bring it out there with a for sale sign

Dendy Jarrett

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All of the data I can find state that the Conqueror Commander has a dry weight of 930kg or 2050 lbs.

other features:

The Commanders chassis is hot dipped galvanised.
The rest of the steel is electro galvanised and epoxy coated.
There is insulation between the inner and outer skins.
Independent suspension
Hands down, one of my favorite trailers around ... including full ground-up-custom builds. I sincerely hope this moves quickly for you; and like others, wish the price wasn't so far out of my own range. Best of luck with your sale.
Dendy, you know I've been eyeballing your camper for some time now. It excited me and also pained me to see that you are selling it now! Excited because I would have a chance to own one of the most awesome trailers I've ever seen but pained because you have to part with it (and maybe a little pained with the price that is way more than I could ever afford, lol). I know it's totally worth every penny and I hope it goes to a good home and soon. Good luck!!


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Sorry to see you parting with this, but best of luck with the sale.

This is an amazingly high quality and well thought out set-up for sure.

Looks beautiful behind all 3 vehicles you posted pics of too.