SOLD - Sunlite Eagle SB Slide in Pop up Camper with Dakota Lithium upgrade (extra) - $4500 RVA


Price: $4500
Location: Richmond, VA

For sale is my eagle sb camper. I bought this a few years ago and I’m just not using it like I want to with other things going on. When I bought it I stripped the top and replaced all the seals with fresh sealant as well as installing a fantastic fan where the old vent was. There were two spots with some damage so I’ve sealed those up an laid RV tape all over the areas so they won’t be an issue. The camper has a 20gallon water tank, a new shurflo pump that goes to the sink. Also have a 3 way fridge and a propane furnace and 2 burner stove. I’ve replaced the old, stiff bed with an REI kingdom insulated air mattress with custom sheet set and comforter - very warm and comfortable! All interior lights have been swapped to LED. The door handle/lock is new as well and comes with keys. The canvas and interior are in good shape for the age with no real damage present. I will include the Brophy clamp on tie downs and the hardware.

Not included in the camper, but willing to negotiate on price, I’ve got 3x54Ah Dakota lithium batteries paralleled as well as another 277Ah Dakota battery yet to be installed. All the smaller batteries are a few months old, the 277 is still new in box. That’s a TON of power if you’re familiar, 7x what it normally has and with the benefits of lithium over a standard battery and nearly $4k in batteries alone. I also have a 1000watt renogy inverter, BMS, DC-DC charger and kill switch to go with this if you are interested in further upgrading the electrical system.

Weight 1280lbs
Length (in bed): 83"
Width (between bedsides): 44"

Google Drive Picture dump

IMG_3012.jpgIMG_4054.jpgIMG_4052.jpgIMG_4055.jpgIMG_4057.jpgIMG_4058.jpgIMG_3009.jpgIMG_4055.jpgIMG_4057.jpgIMG_3009.jpgIMG_4060.jpgIMG_4061.jpgIMG_4066.jpg IMG_3012.jpgIMG_4054.jpgIMG_4052.jpgIMG_4055.jpg
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Will vouch for this camper, very clean, leak proof and upgrades are top of the line. Stored in my warehouse when not in use.

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