SOLD - Yakima LockNLoad - Skyline Towers - SL Adapters - Locks - SOLD


Up for sale is a Yakima LockNLoad Platform rack, Skyline Foot Pack Towers, keyed locks, and SL adapters, (these connect the platform directly to the towers). All hardware is included for a very straightforward installation, and currently the rack is partially disassembled in my garage. This way it is much easier to transport, but will only take half the time to assemble and install. I upgraded the number of connection points, so I have 6 foot towers and 6 SL adapters instead of only 4, due to it being the largest platform rack.

This was installed on top of my Snugtop shell, I took this on one trip, and decided to go a different route with my truck.

There is a ton of information about this platform on the internet, it is an awesome rack, but I just dont need it.

The LockNLoad platform is the size "H" (largest one) - 84"L x 62"W - Retail $979:

The Towers are the Skyline version ( I have 6 for extra strength, not your standard 4) - Retail $375:

SL Adapters and Bracket (again, I have 6) - Retail $205:

Keyed Locks - 6 pack - Retail $80:

If you currently have crossbars of any brand, you will NOT need the skyline towers, or SL adapters, but you'll need need to purchase the crossbar clamps to attach the platform to your crossbars. In this case, I recommend buying a 3rd crossbar, and 6 clamps:

Most all, if not all of these products are sold out, and I am hoping to keep everything all together and sell as one package. Everything cost me around $1500, but it has been in my garage for about 6 months, so I want it out. $1000 OBO

Attached are a few pictures as it sits disassembled in my garage. A quick web search and there is a plethora of videos, pictures, tips and tricks, and a long list of accessories that can be added to the platform rack because of its modular design. Again, everything is there ready to go: tools, hardware, manuals, instructions, and all the products. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks for looking,


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