The Isuzu Rodeo is a Japanese factory produced motor-home with a one-piece fiberglass shell, very similar to the Sunrader motor-homes. Powered by a 2.8 Litre Turbo Diesel engine (4 cylinder inline) and a 5-speed manual transmission with 4×4 High-Low range. Runs and drives great. Good power, and great fuel economy! Interior Specs: This RV will sleep up to 4 people comfortably, has a large overhead sleeping area, and also a Dinette and Couch which fold into another Large sleep area. Has a bathroom with a shower and sink, a kitchen area with a cooktop, refrigerator, and kitchen sink. Lots of Cabinets and other storage areas, along with outside basement storage areas. There’s a 2-way fan in the center of the camper for ventilation. Flex Solar panel adhered to roof with charge controller easier accessible inside.

When my wife and I bought this, it had the original interior and was long overdue for some upgrades so we gutted the dingy carpet and laid new flooring. We pulled and painted cabinets, cut and placed new wall panels, and did tongue and groove across the roof. The cushions have also been reupholstered. The inside has a bright and clean updated look now that makes you feel so much more at home.

Everywhere we go in this thing people are stopping and asking about it. At first glance, you think it’s just another small camper, but then you realize it’s diesel, 4×4, and the driver is sitting on the right-hand side. From there people are asking nonstop questions about it.

It has been a lot of fun. My wife and I took on this as a project and we still have some work to finish before completion, but we have our eye on another rig so this one needs to go.

Clear Oregon title. A/C. Plenty of windows with fly-screens. Camper has a large double bed over the cab and a pass-through into the camper from the cab. Table with a large sitting area that converts into more beds. 3-way fridge (12v/100/gas) currently not working (maybe something simple, may need to be replaced). Back of camper has a small sink and 2 burner stove with hood. Controls for the water pump, water tank, and waste tank, hot water, etc. Storage underfloor for food (common in Japan). Camper has central hot air gas heating for winter. The rear of the camper has a shower with hot water. Cassette toilet designed to fit in the bottom of the shower. Has outside awning, but the brackets are a little wonky. It still works but I was going to replace it. Outside of the camper, there are large storage compartments and storage for gas bottles. Ladder up to roof. Spare tire on the rear of the camper. Internal inverter to power 100V electrics. External power connection that also charges camper batteries and powers 12v internals via a second built-in inverter.

Here is a list of things I plan on continuing to work towards until the camper sells. Full disclosure, if we do any major repairs, the price will go up.

Exterior paint –
Although it’s not bad, I had planned on either painting or wrapping the shell to address some faded and peeling paint. I sprayed the lower rocker panels black. It should be redone as well. I wasn’t too worried because I was going to address the whole rig anyway.

Awning – The support bracket on one side was missing. I removed the other side so it can be used. The plan was to replace it with a new awning.

Fridge – I’m not sure why but the fridge doesn’t cool. I think it needs the element replaced. According to an RV dealer, they are absorption style cooling units and you either replace the entire unit or just the cooler. I haven’t looked into it any further.

Pass-through – The pass-through isn’t quite finished out as I want. I still may have it carpeted.

I’m sure there are other needs but those are the major ones. the camper is in perfectly usable condition right now. It has been freshly gone through by a local shop to check for issues. ALL fluids were replaced last summer. Brakes are in good condition. Ready for a new home. When I get a craigslist ad built up, I will attach it. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.




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Curious about the overall height/length and how many miles/kms are on it? Thanks
Overall height is - 8 feet to top of shell, 9 feet to top of fan shroud

overall length is 20 feet

mileage is in KM-133,356 (roughly 83k miles)


Pm sent, what is the length and width of the largest sleeping area?
just got back from the Bahamas. Sorry for the delayed response. The largest sleeping area is the lower section. The couch folds out and the dinet comes down to create one large bed that spans the full width of the camper and length of the couch. I will try to get it folded out and measured for exact dimensions. i will also take a picture of it folded out for you.

Recommended books for Overlanding