Source and cost to convert dual-tires to singels on a MB lorry

Correct me if I am wrong but with the 22.5 inch tires they can not be aired down for off road use.

Diplo, after the blow out with the stazworks wheels do you know what wheels that 917 ended up with? Hutchinson?


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I tried a set of ex-mil wheels, but they have runout when mounted reversed. They are safe, but are effectively unbalanced.

I have a set of Hutchinsons on order. As they are special order, they are appallingly expensive and will take about 90 days to build. The good news is that they are much lighter and Hutchinson understand the need for reversed mounting on the rear. Fingers crossed!

Let us just say that the blow out, which was a 50 mph with a semi along side, was a thrill I would rather not repeat. Nor did I appreciate the manufacturer saying:

"I have no idea what the problem is. It looks like you blew a tire and ran it for some time before stopping.

What was the failure?"

Believe me, I did not drive a metre longer than was necessary to stop the vehicle and pull to the side! Ten missing bolts made it very clear what the failure was. Bottom line, Stazworks disavowed all responsibility and offered no remedy. Others have had challenges with Stazworks wheels on heavier vehicles:

Will post more when they arrive and we get around to updating the blog.


The MRAP wheels (NOT M1078 LMTV wheels) have the correct bolt pattern and center hole diameter for use on a MB1017 and the like, but only as a front wheel. They have a step in the rim so they can not be mounted reversed on the rear. Also some have a built-in regulator that would interfer with reverse mounting.

The MRAP wheel NSN 2530-01-479-2916 can be mount reversed, BUT it has to be assembled with that as the plan. So one spare assembled wheel is not flip-able for use as a front OR a rear. You would have to carry two assembled wheels, one assemble for the front, and one assembled for the rear if you wanted that option. Or as I do, I have one spare assembled in the 'front configuration', and if necessary it could be used on the rear, with the track off 15 inches. So a temporary solution, (but then again, that is what a spare tire is).

The MRAP NSN 2530-01-479-2916 wheels are rare birds. I have only seen Oshkosh Equipment ( having them. And they have been out of stock for quite a while.

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There are steel MRAP wheel that have a 50/50 offset, so generally, they will not track anywhere near close to the same, but another option if that would work for your situation. Be advised they are crazy heavy. About double the weight of an aluminum wheel.

I've used Wartime Finds ( and have had great+ service from them.

EXAMPLES, click, then click, then click, to get the full-size photo [3 separate clicks for full size]
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Watch this space.

With luck, I will soon have a nice set of 20x11.00" wheels for sale. Perfect for mounting conventionally and known to balance with a heavy duty truck balancer.

N.B.: NOT recommended for reverse mounting if to be used above 60 kph!


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Thank You!


Thank you for the link. Part of the fun is that the 917 uses an eight bolt pattern which is rarer than the ten bolt used on the 1017. Grrr!

Let us see how the Hutchinsons run when they get here. The price is off scale, but all who use them report being very happy and no failures.

Fingers crossed!


I believe Bill used factory U500 rims. They were about $900 each (plus shipping from Germany) when he bought them back in 2011.
I'm not 100% sure, so contact Bill via his webpage to verify if anyone plans to go that way.
Correct me if I am wrong but with the 22.5 inch tires they can not be aired down for off road use.

Diplo, after the blow out with the stazworks wheels do you know what wheels that 917 ended up with? Hutchinson?
22.5's air down fine.
FYI 20's are hard(impossible) to get in South America (correct me if I'm wrong)
I am running 22.5 9.5 rims on my 917, I would prefer a 12". Factory singles.
Yes, Bill's wheels do look like OEM U500 10 bolt wheels. I have a set if anyone wants them. Hutchinsons (from wartimefinds) are lighter, perfectly balanced and most important easy to run the critical bead locks (almost impossible to mount/dismount in the original steel wheels). I have "experience" with de-beading without bead locks at very low pressures.