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For some reason I am having a rough time finding coiled, painted aluminum in 7 or 8 foot widths. You see all kinds if cargo trailers with one piece aluminum sides???? Where do they get the stuff? I have called metal distributors and rv repair shops and am at a dead end. Any help with a direct supplier would be greatly appreciated. Tx!


Search online. I found them before but didn't save the results sorry. Problem is Shipping. It is HIGH. They are not 8 footers either. Much longer and wider. It was a company that supplied them for 18wheeler trailers.

Here in OH I did find one place that makes cargo trailers and sold parts. I think they sold sheets of 5x6. or was it 4x8.... cant rember. Think 5x6, but they were pretty high price. almost bought one.... but I couldn't put it inside a VW Bug to get it home. By end of summer I'll have my LMTV 1078 and will drive out to get one to repair my 4x6 cargo trailer. Trailer place was north of Cincinnati if I recall right.

oops..... my bad.. Just re-read your post. See that you're looking for COILED and not flat. What do you mean by Coiled? the Ribbbed siding like travel trailers.. or a big roll of flat stuff? If I recall right they don't sell in rolls if that is what your thinking. It makes mounting it harder and results are not as good. Pretty sure they sell the flat in sheets. LARGE sheets like 10x12 if I recall right. Places you called buy them from similar suppliers then recut for huge$$ mark up sell price. No way they will sell you a full piece cause they tripple or more their many buy cutting them up.

So long story short..... try searching for folk that make Cargo Trailers near you or build or repair Big Rig trailers. Oh.... and have a truck. :)
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Dont know if this helps or not but cheapest semi flat sheets I found was at an El Paso TX Trailer rebuilder... 48 or 49" by 110". The Duraplate composite panels are also about the same size. Sign supply warehouses have the painted aluminum, and aluminum-plastic composite panels in 4x8, sometimes 4x10, 4x12. 5' widths sometimes. Reece supply for example. Box truck manufacturers and rebuilders can maybe get the entire aluminum roof sheet. Try FleetPartsOnline the box truck parts supplier.

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