Southern Interior of British Columbia


Great photos...thanks for sharing! Next time you are up in the Kamloops area again and want to see some of our hidden gems, let me know! We can head out together or I can give you directions to some neat places in our area.
Sounds good. We've explored around a bit, but always open to suggestions. We've done a bit of exploring in all areas of BC, its big enough to last a lifetime.

Nice pictures! Good to see a sequoia out on the trails, that's a rare site! How's it do on the trails?
Well, after coming from a SAS/built 4'runner it's a lot different! There's not a lot of articulation but I haven't experimented with removing the rear sway yet. It only has a mild spacer lift to fit the 33's (and some minor trimming). It has the full on low range and the center locking diff, but could use a proper rear locker to keep going when I'm on two wheels. Most of the trails we do now are pretty tame but we do get tires up in the air:
That looks like a great trip. I'm heading up towards the Okanagan Valley this June for a week. I'm looking forward to checking out those lakes and waterfalls.
Being alone in the Canadian wilderness has to be a different sort of alone than any wilderness in America. Even in the Gila Wilderness, I can see light pollution on clear nights from cities and towns a hundred miles away.