Spaceball 1: 1997 E350 V10


I think I have an idea for my build. We'll see if it works the way I want, but here's the plan.

Boxes containing cubbies/storage areas over the wheels wells.
The darker transparent piece is a removable platform for the bed.
The 3 "channels" are bike racks (based off the attached image [not mine]) for the MTBs. The dirt bikes can fit in between the larger spaces up against the front piece.




I was able to get the padding in after work tonight. It took about 1.5 hours.

I probably won't be able to get the wood in for a couple of weeks or so.


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Update, and back to the top! This thread was on the 18th page!

I've had most of the materials for ~5 months now and finally had a free day yesterday, so I got to it with the help of my dad.

A very basic build with 2 boxes over the wheel wells up to the bottom of the upper side panels. I still need to make some caps/doors for each side of the boxes, cut holes in the top for storage access, and a few other details.

Then I'll carpet the boxes and platform that will be the bed and I think I'm going to get some of that hard wood floor looking vinyl for the floor.





The bike rack had to cut down for only 3 bikes. The two 2x4s on the right side box are supports for the bed/platform.

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Small update. I've had a hitch with a ball in it that I've been using for more than just towing. I figured it was time for a real step, before I hurt myself.

Instead of paying $60+ for one that I don't really like, I gave a friend a drawing of what I wanted, and he delivered.

I was originally going to have a ~1" ribbon around the edge, per the drawing, but ultimately decided against it.


It's a 3.25" drop hitch



Gave it a couple coats of black.


Made a template for the grip tape which I picked up at the local skate shop.


Cut it out and stuck it on.


Pretty stoked how it turned out.


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Flooring update.

First, I had to finish getting the plywood down under the rear seat.


I was going to get vinyl that looked like hardwood, but for about half the price I found some that looks like marble tile. So my van looks like a cheap hotel bathroom. :costumed-smiley-007





There are still a few details to finish up. I'm going to use felt for the side boxes once I figure out how to finish them up.


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I'd hate to hit my shin on that step...

But I like the idea, the interior is starting to look good.


I'd hate to hit my shin on that step...

But I like the idea, the interior is starting to look good.
You definitely need to pay attention when you’re back there, but it isn’t much different than having the hitch with ball back there, which I had been using as a step before I made this one.
It’s slowly getting there.

I've thought of doing that. Looks good.


Nothing new to the van, but I am using it... I do want to change up the build in the back a little bit. I need the bed to be a little lower so I can sit up in it. It shouldn't be much work to make that happen, but I'm also thinking of switching it up while I'm at it. I still need to fit 3-4 mt. bikes, and I want the bed to go all the way across.



Quarterly update...

  1. I shortened the side boxes, so I could actually sit up in the van when on the bed.
  2. I upholstered them and the platform. I still need to make a piece for either side to hide the sides of the van since I made them shorter.
  3. I made some super simple window covers for the back 6 windows, using Reflectix and some black material I had. These are for when we go camping or when I have motorcycles or other valuables in the back.




This last picture is of a quick seat I made for when my son and I eat dinner and people watch at the beach. After I clean them up a bit, my mother-in-law is going to make the covers for the bottom and back rest cushions.

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How did you attach the fabric to the reflectix? And is it both sides? I have the same thing and they work great. But I have been thinking of how to make them less obvious/ugly


How did you attach the fabric to the reflectix? And is it both sides? I have the same thing and they work great. But I have been thinking of how to make them less obvious/ugly
I used a spray adhesive, and it is both sides.

I had the same thought once I covered one side. I didn't want to see any of the silver, so I cut another piece that was big enough to cover what was showing. For that piece I used the spray adhesive and then any edges that weren't quite down, I used a glue gun.

I used a glue gun for the "tabs" that are there which are made of some ribbon I had laying around.

They look good from 7-10 feet, but if you get close they are a little janky. Good enough for me though, just to have the privacy and so far they are doing the job great. I can get closer pictures if you want to see them.