Spare Tire Mounting Bolt Extenders


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I have been carrying a Pelican 1550 Case on the back of my ER Jeep strapped to the spare wheel/tire. I run a couple of ratchet straps through the back of the case and through the spokes of the wheel and cinch it all down. The case holds recovery stuff, air lines, fuel funnel etc - basically stuff i dont want bouncing around the the inside of the cab. Unfortunately I am never able to get the straps tight enough to keep the case from jiggling around.

Does anyone make bolt extenders which i can use to extended the spare tire mounting bolts far enough out so i can mount the case directly to them? I am think of bolts where one end is threaded female and woudl screw on to the spare tire carrier current lug bolts and the other end is threaded male for mounting nuts. Daystar makes these for their Cam Can storage boxes but their bolts are too short to extend to the face/sidewall of the tire.

try Summit racing , drag race cars require real long studs . You may still have to weld a redi nut to a lug nut to extend it out far enough .I dote any redi nut thread would match a wheel bolt . some duel back wheel set ups use something like you are talking about.


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Teraflex makes a 3rd light kit that has something that would work. Not sure if they would sell the lug extenders separate or not but I have found they have great customer service if you call and you can always get thru and actually talk to someone.


That would be an easy project for anyone with a lathe. I could maybe help you out. If it were mine I would get some steel hex stock. One end tapped to match your wheel studs with the correct angle machined on it and the other end flat with whatever thread you want to use to bolt your pelican box mount to. Also you could get studs to install on the outer end that match the lug nuts. That way you ditch the lug nuts that you have and it won't be unnecessarily complicated to get your spare off.


Weld a basic acorn lug nut to a tube and a piece of all thread.

However, you need to think about loading and bending on those studs. Tire carriers are super thin lightweight stuff.