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Thanks to Alan from Sportsmobile West for sponsoring our new dedicated Sportsmobile forum. Expedition Portal has many SMB owners and a high enough volume of threads related to Sportsmobile to warrant its own forum.

I have enjoyed several wonderful adventures in these trucks, so it is exciting to have the involvement of Alan and his team on ExPo.



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Great news! I hope that Sportsmobile staff will follow the forum to help answer questions.

For example, with Ford planning to replace the Econoline/E-Series vans in the 2014 model year, what platforms will Sportsmobile use in the future?


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Second question, isn't it a forum rule that you have to raffle out a new fully equipped vehicle to ExPo members? I will take one raffle ticket, thank you. :)


All of us here at Sportsmobile are very excited to have our own thread on the Expedition Portal. This site has a ton of great information and awesome members! We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this community.

To answer the question about the Econoline vans...

It sounds like the E-series will be replaced by a larger Ford transit van. We definitely plan on building on this chassis. We will of course also continue working on the GMC vans and the Sprinters. Sportsmobile will always be open to building on any new platforms that may become available in the future.

Happy Trails!

Jonny Feld

Sounds good to me Sam. We will be selling the raffle tickets for $100K. I'll even guarantee every ticket is a winner!
Ford situation

As of right now we are completely speculative regarding the Ford van situation. I have seen larger Ford transit vans in Europe...they basically look like the Sprinter van. Sportsmobile will release more information once it becomes available at www.sportsmobile.com

Welcome. I have been in love with this Expo vehicle for a long time. I have seen two in the last few weeks in the Fort Worth area. Thanks again for building such a quality vehicle.
Hello... I have a question for you. Will the pop tops on the late model SMB fit a 1986 Ford? If not do you have any older ones I can purchase If I have you guys install it. Thanks...